The planet Kadon hung suspended in the viewport of the Ghtroc freighter. It's rust color gave the cockpit an eerie red glow as Vic opened the comm frequency.
As the ship broke the planets atmosphere, they made their way to the shielded landing port. The planets atmosphere was type-2 meaning that they would have trouble breathing, at least until they got to the underground city by way of the surface-to-interior tram

Situated in the Celanon sector, Kadon is a large frozen planet. It has no atmosphere on the surface and consists of high mountains and deep canyons that crisscross the surface. Its orbit and position next to the Jalon gas massive make it an ideal spot for gas mining bases, which is its principal industry.
A massive city exists under ground in two parts. Referred to as Upper and Lower Kadon City, the city is on the floor and ceiling of an impossibly huge cavern. Most of this cavern existed naturally; the rest was dug out by the terraforming done centuries ago to accommodate the growing number of people living underground on Kadon. The spaceport is on the surface and consists of several bays sealed by magcon fields for ships to land. Once on the surface visitors must take a repulsor powered speed train below to the city. The Upper portion of Kadon has a gravity generator so that its center of gravity is above, inverting it to Lower Kadon. This gives Upper Kadon a “sky view” enabling them to look at the lights of the city below and gives the upper portion more of an open feel.
Several gas storage facilities exist, storing many different gases after they are processed in the refineries on Kadon. It was the largest one of these storage tanks, used to hold starfighter fuel, which became the target of some terrorists claiming to be rebel operatives. Alarmed Alliance command selected Raptor Squad to go in to investigate and catch the terrorists. The plot that Raptor Squad uncovered not only would ruin a secret deal between the Kadon refineries and the Alliance, but also would kill millions of Kadon citizens.