"Skimming above a forest of greenstalks, the Skullduggery angled and slowed it’s descent, falling into a flight pattern that put them in line with the approaching spaceport. The Greenstalks were gargantuan trees that stretched high into the Mrlssi sky and made up much of the landscape; many had to be cleared away to allow the spacport the necessary room required for craft to land and take off."

Located near the Inner Rim, Mrlsst is best known for the Mrlsst Planetary University. Populated by the delicate boned Mrlssi, the planet is filled with lush forests of “Greenstalks”, gargantuan trees so large that many have actually established communes in their high branches.

Primarily a university planet, Mrlsst has no real strategic significance to the Empire and is generally ignore for the most part. Students, professors and scholars go about the business of learning and teaching, each hoping to gain skills, traits or a better understanding of things.

After receiving a curious transmission from a former friend, Raptor Squad member Balthazar arrived on Mrlsst only to find his friend dead and clues leading he and the rest of the team into the dark catacombs far beneath the university.

After a showdown with a Dark Jedi the team, in dire need of medical assistance, was taken care of by a med student named Lauren Salias Salias hooked up with the team and accompanied them to Fabuli in the Corporate Sector.

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