“Casinos and hotels stretched into the sky practically built atop one another. Entire cities were crafted from the monoliths of excess, bustling with millions of tourists hoping to find their appetite for one vice or another fulfilled.”

Located in the Bright Jewel Cluster, this former ordinance depot saw a visit by Raptor Squad who were trying to track a lead to the rogue Raptor, Ket Adkins. Ruled by casinos and crime lords, this planet, enshrouded in pink and purple clouds, is also the host to the Lotci Invitational Swoop Race. An illegal swoop race that takes competitors through the blasted Ord Mantell wastelands and the Vagabond Marshlands.
It was in this race that Raptor Squad member Chance Mulgrew competed in, going up against one time rival and serial killer Border Freize.
More information can be found in: “Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Planets and Moons.”

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