"Pulling the ship out of the deep dive, the Skull’ broke from the storm and evened out over a raging emerald ocean. Lightning struck in the distance, briefly illuminating a forested coastline jutting up from the violent waves. At the speed they were traveling, they would be crossing over Pleestab’s main continent in less than five minutes."

This lightly forested world with wide ranging savannahs, marshy flatlands and emerald green oceans is located in the Hajeeb sector. A lack of mountain ranges on this planet makes for volatile changes in weather. Gusting winds and strong tidal currents result in weather patterns that can change in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours.
Several small cities dot Pleestabs surface with a small amount of galactic trade passing through. Most of the indigenous people on the planet are the descendants of those that manned the ordinance storage depot for the Republic army during the Clone Wars. As battle lines shifted to different parts of the galaxy the Jedi moved their army and its supplies. Many of the fortifications were left in place with some being taken and turned into private homes and fortified bases for a few underworld kingpins.
It was in one of these old forts that Da’Jonny, Klux’s former teacher, encountered Ahnjai and the Ventral Warriors. Raptor Squad arrived at Pleestab in time to see Da’jonny already engaged in mortal combat.