Tierfon Station was located in a small mountain that jutted up from the jungle canopy like an island amidst a green ocean of leaves. The entire planet, which, to Klux’s knowledge, had no real name, was primarily forests and mountain ranges…a perfect place for rebels to hide.

Also located in the Celanon Sector, Tierfon is a nondescript planet of forests and oceans, marked by the occasional valley or mountain range. Before the Rebellion set up a Rebel Base on the planet no one ever really paid it much mind…which was exactly the point.

Based out of Tierfon, Rebel Intelligence Officer Jax Sheba’ ran his various cells of Spec Ops teams, one of which was Raptor Squad. It also was beneficial that Tierfon happened to be located in the same sector as Garnib, which is where Raptor Squad set up base for a period of time.

After the base was compromised, Raptor Squad returned one last time, to see if anything could be salvaged, a trip that nearly cost the team its life…

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