"The streets of Valex City on Valex III were wet with a recent downpour. The rains on Valex III hit hard and left quickly, leaving behind a smoldering planet thick with humidity and smog."

Located in the Celanon sector, Valex III is the last port of call leaving the sector on the way to Elrood. This position has been very advantageous for the economy of Valex III and helped their industry prosper. Valex is the third planet in the Valex system, relatively close to the gas giant of the system.
When originally discovered Republic scientists thought Valex III to be a moon of the gas giant. But it was later determined that Valex III had its own orbit and weather patterns unaffected by the gas planet. However, Valex III is situated close enough that it is in the gravity shadow of the gas planet making hyperspace travel tricky at best.
Seeing this as a potential problem for its economy and the future of Valex III, enterprising individuals established a space station, simply called Farpoint, to increase traffic and make it simpler to get into and out of Valex III. The main purpose of this station is to make custom inspections and levy taxes to ships passing through to Elrood and going on to Valex III.

There are many industries on Valex III including some mining as well as the processing of a unique tree sap used in the manufacture of glop grenades. With an industrial base that thrives and a populous with credits and wide ranges of socio-economic classes there is another industry that thrives, the insidious crime industry of Akelish the Hutt. She uses Valex III and its prime location to the Elrood and Celanon sectors to her advantage and runs spice and illegal alcohol into both sectors.
While Akelish has many irons in the fire her main priority is the manufacture and distribution of spice. She keeps enough government officials, both local and Imperial, on her payroll to be able to send about anything anywhere with little or no questions. She singly handedly supplements the income of the entire government on Valex III, making her the behind the scenes ruler of the planet.
It was this important information about Akelish and her powerbase that Raptor Squad lacked when the wookie Socatoa decided to double cross her on a spice deal and run Frostberry Brandy on her turf. However, Raptor Squad soon learned that Akelish had many resources and thus began a hostile relationship between them.

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