"Rumors abound on who first settled Valhallan Falls; some say it was a ship full of prospectors striking into wild space looking for ore deposits. Others tell of a company purchasing the planet in the days of the Old Republic and trying to colonize a new location for their home office. Those are quaint little theories, but you only need to grow up on the planetís harsh polar cap and look into the eyes of the heartless bastards who live in the village of Valiz-Taraa to know the truth- Valhallan Falls was once a prison planet for the criminally insane."

Located on the edge of the Taroon system, in Wild Space, Valhallan Falls is a small planet practically forgotten by the galactic community. Since the rise of the Empire, most records regarding the planets history have been mysteriously lost, however, rumors abound that the planet was home to a massive prison located in its polar caps. Any indication as to who created the prison or who was incarcerated there has been lost. Again, speculation abounds; Some claim it was a Sith Prison used to imprison insane followers so that they could be experimented on. Others claim it was a secret facility used by the Old Republic for those criminals too vile or dangerous to allow anywhere near the civilized galaxy. Whatever the popular theory one chooses to go with, the fact remains that there has yet to be any evidence uncovered that supports any of these theories.
Valhallan Falls is a small planet by most standards, with several large continents and a series of small seas and rivers that make up the planets surface. Most of the major modern cities, most notably Valiz-Taraa and Valiz-Malaga are located near the polar cap, while smaller cities have dropped up farther south. Itís major export is Forjurrian Ore, a special material used to coat industrial mining equipment. Given its location so far from the galactic mainstream, Valhallan Falls imports most major entertainment and luxury items.
Valhallan Falls major claim to fame is the unusual number of gunslingers and mercenaries who call the planet home. In fact, dozens of ďslingerĒ academies are located in all of Valhallan Fallís major cities and many merchants in surrounding system joke that Valhallan Falls true export isnít Forjurrian Ore, but rather hired muscle and mercenaries. Of the most famous academies, the Cherri Academy is the most famous, having produced slingers who have gone on to work for Akelish the Hutt, Black Sun and the Husk Crime Syndicate. Several times a year slinger competitions are held in South Modisto to pit academy slingers against one another. Slinger competitions are highly regulated and non-lethal, however some accidents have occurred in the past that claimed the life of the competitors.
Valhallan Falls is the home planet of former Raptor Squad member Ket Adkins.

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