Important Features

1. Multiple Screens allows for monitoring of various programs and files simultaneously.

2. Doone has Color-Coded the Keys and reconfigured them so only she knows how to access the keyboard.

3. Various Ports line the periphery of the case, allowing for all manner of interfacing with other devices.

4. Trackball Custom Designed to Resemble Doone in her Working Outfit..

Khara Doone's Portable Computer

Ms. Doone's Portable Computer is an XRT series portable from the Microthrust line. The XRT series is extremely powerful and extremely expensive. These portables are specifically designed for computer intrusions and are equipped with a vast array of interface ports. Though she primarily uses her holointerface gauntlet in the field, she still uses her portable for writing her programs and viruses, storing vast amounts of data, and occasionally interfacing with ship's systems to turn the heat up in her room. I asked if I may borrow the device for a more in-depth analysis, and her response was, "Frell no you can't touch my portable! I let you see it and the next thing I know I'll be getting weather feeds from Javok XII and sappy Mid-Day Holodramas! You keep those bit metal sausages to yourself and take a picture pal, because this is going back to my room with me!"
From what I was able to deduce from the manufacturer's Product Page on the Holonet, this is the most stable version of the XRT Line, as previous versions had a tendency to crash while downloading large files or if they were subjected to extreme humidity. Possession of this device without the proper paperwork is a felony, though I'm sure Ms.Doone doesn't worry about that.


  • Useful for Writing Programs and Slicing Computer Systems
  • Stable Platform, rarely crashes
  • Customized to Doone's Taste


  • Illegal to own without permits
  • Cost
  • Usable only by Doone

Khara's Microthrust XRT Series Portable Computer Roleplaying Stats

Model: Microthrust XRT Series Portable Computer
Type: Slicing
Skill: Computer Programming/Repair
Cost: 65,000 credits (black market)

GM Notes: