Important Features

1. Integrated Internal Components. Includes micro-repuslor motor and homing beacon.

2. Serrated Blades made of powerful durasteel alloy.

3. Lightweight Housing. Allows weapon to be thrown farther and faster.

4. Homing Transponder Keypad. Allows for customization of device's parameters.

5. Auto Retrieval Stud. Activates weapons repulsor motors, returning it to the owner.

6. Homing Transponder/Throwing Razor Carrying Case Housing. Made of high-grade plasteel and available in a variety of colors. Moisture & Impact Resistant.

On the firing range Ms. Doone's skill with a blaster is barely adequate at best, but her skill in throwing these deadly weapons is exceptional. The Rheshalva Interstellar Armaments Repulsor Rodian Throwing-Razor Mk II is a marvel of surgical viciousness. Three micro-sharp blades unfurl during flight from the low-vibration casing that houses the tiny repulsor engine located in the center of each razor; this repulsor engine increases the range of each throw and also helps guide the weapon back to the owner on its return arc, but the user's throw is vital for attack accuracy and range.

The newest design by RIA improves on the older design immeasurably. Transportation with the original was problematic at best, as the profile of the weapon was a bit unwieldy. Most users wore them on a bandolier to gain easy access, however this method often prevented concealment of the weapon and allowed for foreign matter and dirt to accumulate in their housing. This wasn't widely reported but my research indicated that this adversely affected the internal components and balance of the weapon, making them more difficult to use. The Mk II suffers no such setback; the slim circular design of the razors now allow them to be housed inside a sealed compartment that also integrates the homing transponder. The razors also appear to be more aerodynamic and thus easier to throw, resulting in a smaller repulsor motor and overall weight and noise reduction. While the original design had two blades with serrated edges, the newer models have increased the number of blades by one and said blades are now arrayed in such a way as to produce a deeper penetration.

When I mentioned this to Ms.Doone she merely snickered. I failed to understand the humor but I've grown accustomed to this reaction from members of Raptor Squad.

Unlike a blaster, or any energy or heat-based weapon, these weapons do not produce wounds that are instantly cauterized. Unlucky victims are likely to bleed profusely for a time. I've stated to Ms. Doone that while I admired her weapons of choice, I wondered if throwing her weapons at an enemy was the wisest course of action? Could they not be thrown back at her? She said no, due to the homing transponder she keeps on her person that is DNA encoded to her alone. They will not operate without it (or at least would be as effective as throwing a flimplastweight at you). The homing transponder also puts out a signal so that, as the razor is coming back from a throw, the blades retract back towards the casing 2 meters before reaching the owner, allowing the owner to safely catch it (unless their appendage extends longer than two meters, but of course the range can be adjusted on the homing transponder).

I asked her where she acquired these weapons, as they are not widely available outside of Rodia, and the skill to actually use them is a jealously guarded secret. The gypsy merely winked at me at walked away.


  • Highly effective when thrown by a skilled user
  • Long range
  • Nearly silent
  • Only usable by owner


  • Cannot be used at extremely close range
  • Tiny repulsor motor is difficult to repair if damaged
  • Must have functioning homing transponder to work

Khara's Rodian Throwing Razors Roleplaying Stats

Model: Rheshalva Interstellar Armaments Repulsor Rodian Throwing-Razor Mk II
Scale: Character
Difficulty : Moderate
Skill: Thrown Weapons: Rodian Throwing Razor MkII
Range: 25-75/175/325
Damage: STR+2D
Cost: 1875 (Each)

GM Notes: