Name: Tenziil Steale
Hunter Type: Flamboyant Gentleman Hunter
Age: 42
Species: Devaronian
Gender: Male
Hair Color:None
Eye Color: Black
Cybernetics: None
Status: Active Independent Hunter
# of Years in the Business: 20+
Mode of Transportation: "The Bajka" (see below)
Known Associates: Diva Rhamsoff (expeditor), Koort Ter'chon (Former Partner), Chindral Rozz (former Partner), Allada Rune(former Partner), Sabawyn Minsula(former Partner), Raiko Lun(former Partner), Diona Rabeers(former Partner)
Affiliations: House Salaktori (former hunter)
Area of Operations: Core Words, Inner & Outer Rim, Expansion Region, Tapani Sector, Hutt Space.
Preferred Bounty Stipulations: Paid in Gemstones, Valuable Ore or Classic Speeders
Tenziil Steale

Tenziil Steale, like many young male Devaronians, left his homeworld when he was barely in his teens. Wandering throughout the galaxy, he performed all manner of menial tasks, from crate buster to scout, before finally landing on the planet Telerath when he was but 16. He found work as a servant to a retired Arkanian bounty hunter named Denust Viecelli, or the “Arkanian Cougar” as he was known during his time as a hunter, one of the most ruthless hunters employed by House Salaktori.
Over the next several years, Steale and Viecelli grew close and the old hunter trained Steale in the fine art of weapon use and the hunt. Steale, enamored by the lifestyle Viecelli lived and his immeasurable wealth, absorbed all the older being was willing to teach.
It was during this time that Viecelli was paid a visit by a bitter criminal he’d put away decades earlier. The criminal wounded Viecelli before Steale managed to take him down on the outer edges of the property. In thanks, Viecelli equipped Steale and gifted him a considerable severance package, using his connections in House Salaktori to get the young hunter a position in the prestigious bounty hunting guild..
Using the knowledge and resources provided by Viecelli, Steale stayed with House Salaktori for almost a decade, becoming one of their most valued and successful hunters. Finding that he had a gift for the hunt, he was already over a decade into his career when he found himself pursuing the same bounty as a young up and coming hunter named “Koort Ter’chon”. They teamed together for a short while, with Steale teaching the younger hunter some tricks of the trade, but their partnership ended when Steale tried to recruit Ter'chon to House Salaktori and the the young Ubese decided he would rather hunt on his own and keep all of the profits rather than pay unnecessary dues.
Steale had achieved modest success in his career, but it wasn’t until he was put in touch with a Half-Theelin named Diva Rhamsoff that his status as a top-tier hunter really began to cement itself. Rhamsoff was a former House Salaktori employee who decided to strike out on her own, taking a handful of House Salaktori hunters with her as she left the organization. Taking her on as an expeditor landed him higher paying bounties and shortly thereafter he found himself in the lucrative “Hundred Club”, for snagging a bounty worth at least 100,000 credits. It was little time at all before Steale was a member of the “Hundred Club” several times over.
With the increase in revenue came an upgrade in taste and style and Steale has developed a flashy, flamboyant operating procedure to his hunts. Extending the acquisition the highest respect, Steale spares no expense going after a bounty. Using a system of informants and diligently pouring over data, Steale often manages to take down his target with little to no violence necessary in many cases. However, some have erroneously viewed this as a weakness and have paid the price, as Steale has shown he possesses a ruthless side that rivals even the most hardened hunters.
By way of weaponry, Steale is a bit of a connoisseur and has settled on a twin set of Customized Luxan Personal Armaments, Ltd. Eviscerator AZ-590’s as his weapons of choice, favoring the weapons so much so that he has had them aurodium-plated. While he attempts to avoid prolonged firefights and blaster battles, in those rare occasions when he’s had to fight for his life his expertise with the weapons has proven invaluable.
By way of transportation, Steale owns his own ship, the Bajka that he travels in, a custom-designed vessel based on the Sentinel-Class Imperial Shuttle produced by Sienar Flight Systems. In fact, it is because of a personal job he performed for the CEO of Sienar Flight Systems that he was able to get the craft built exclusively to his specifications. When arriving on planet, Steale rents whatever method of conveyance necessary, as his needs change with the terrain and he sees little purpose in taking his own transportation on the chance it may get destroyed or damaged in the course of a hunt. In recent years rumors have begun to circulate that Steale’s lifestyle has grown to the point that he has begun taking on illegal bounty postings as an alternative source of income. It is rumored that this is the reason he terminated his relationship with his last business partner, a female Keshiri named Cindral Rozz. Accompanying that rumor is that the duo shared a romantic relationship as well, a trend Steale has developed in recent years.
When not hunting (which is rare), Steale spends his time in one of his several homes in the core worlds where he keeps an extensive classic speeder and swoop collection. He has a passion for cooking and hosts annual parties with guests numbering in the thousands, some close personal friends, some business acquaintances, though rarely does he invite fellow hunters, save for who he may be partnering with at the time (depending on if she is female and attractive enough for him to show off).
Steale is an excellent hunter and knows it, though he is generous as far as his partnerships go. Oftentimes if the hunt isn’t progressing to his satisfaction, he grows impatient, especially with his partners and tends to take a more active role in the hunts, much to their frustration.
Despite his showmanship and various distractions, Steale has improved and expanded on the invaluable knowledge he learned from The Arkanian Cougar to become one of the wealthiest, and most dangerous bounty hunters in the galaxy.

Dex: 3d+1 Knw: 3d+1 Mech: 2d Per: 4d Str: 2d+1 Tech: 3d
Blaster: 5d+1 Intimidation: 5d+1 Astrogation: 4d Bargain: 4d+1 Brawling: 4d Blaster Repair: 5d
Specialization: Eviscerator AZ-590: 6d+2 Languages: 5d+1 Ground Vehicle Ops: 4d+1 Investigation: 7d+1 Swimming: 5d Security: 5d
Dodge: 5d+1 Law Enforcement: 5d+1 Repulsorlift Operation: 5d Search: 6d Stamina: 6d+1 Demolitions: 4d+1
Melee Combat: 5d+1 Streetwise: 4d+1 Space Transports: 5d Persuasion: 6d+1 Climbing/Jumping: 6d Space Transports Repair: 4d+2
Melee Parry: 6d+1 Planetary Systems: 5d+1 Sensors: 4d Hide: 5d+1   Starship Weapons Repair: 4d
Brawling Parry: 4d+1 Willpower: 5d Starship Gunnery: 4d+2 Sneak: 6d+1   Repulsorlift Repair: 6d+2
Vehicle Blasters: 4d+1 Scholar:3d+1 Swoop Ops: 4d      
Grenade: 4d+2 Specialization: Classic Speeders & Swoops: 8d+2 Starship Shields: 4d+2      
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 3
Character Points: 5

Model: Customized Luxan Personal Armaments, Ltd. Eviscerator AZ-590
Type: Sporting Blaster Pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster: Sporting Blaster
Ammo: 100
Cost: Not For Sale
Availability: 4,R
Range: 5-20/60/90
Damage: 5d+2
Game Notes:

Increase normal blaster difficulties by one level due to the precise targeting needed to hit (due to focused beam). Add +1D to blaster skill due to integrated laser sight.

Other Gear:

Core World Arms Zeist Brand Hand-Tailored Armored Formalwear
Type: Armored Clothing
Cost: 5000-15000 for entire suit
Availability: 4,X

Game Notes:

Armor: Provides +1D+1 to STR for Physical Attacks, +1D For Energy Attacks

Capital City One Coruscant Crystal Credit Line (No-Limit Cred Stick)