Name: Commander Doragoor
Hunter Type: Tactician
Age: 107
Species: Ugnaught
Gender: Male
Hair Color:White
Eye Color: Sienna
Cybernetics: None
Status: Active
# of Years in the Business: 10
Mode of Transportation: Sanwei-Torrg Military Solutions AX-09 (See Below)
Known Associates: Various Jam Shan's Mercenary Army Officers
Affiliations: Jam Shan's Mercenary Army (Former Commanding Officer)
Area of Operations: Outer Rim
Preferred Bounty Stipulations: None
Commander Doragoor

Born on the planet Gentes, Forig Doragoor was content to live his life as a head of security for the Ugnaught Administration Hub security division and tend to his familial responsibilities. That is until General Grievous came to the planet an enslaved the entire population during the clone wars. In the process his wife and child were killed and he was enslaved and forced to work in the CIS droid foundries on Geonosis, where he was liberated during the attack by the Galactic Republic forces and stowed away on a Republic dropship.
Afterwards, he found himself needing credits and decided, with little left to live for, he would take a job as a mercenary. The pay was good and the rush of combat gave him a release for the pent-up hostility and rage he was unable to contain any longer.
He joined a mercenary army that operated in the Outer Rim known as Jam Shan's, and during the course of several years, utilized his previous security experience while picking up additional skills from his fellow mercenaries. During one engagement, where the army was hired to participate in a civil war on an outer rim planet called "Orivaron XII" the commanding officer of Doragoor's unit was incinerated by the opposing forces. With no one qualified to lead the remainder of the unit and panic setting in, Doragoor stepped up and pulled from past experience leading his own security force on Gentes.
With a loud commanding voice Doragoor rallied the soldiers and managed to not only eliminate the opposing forces, but led a charge that claimed their command center as well. Impressed with this show of leadership, the higher-ups in Jam Shan promoted Doragoor, putting him in charge of his own unit, "Doragoor's Death Dealers".
Thus began an impressive career that saw the Ugnaught lead some of the most well-planned and decisive military campaigns in Jam Shan's history. Years passed and Doragoor continued to move up the ranks, finally landing a position that saw him engage in little real combat, instead directing military actions from far behind the lines or in a command ship from orbit. However, every time a unit took losses, especially those commanded by soldiers he helped train, he felt the old pain of familial loss resurface.
Finally, the body count grew too great, and Doragoor resigned from Jam Shan, and was given a Sanwei-Torrg Military Solutions AX-09 Repulsor Tank as a parting gift.
In command of no one but himself, and with specific skills and a sense of honor that eliminated working in the underworld or for a crime lord, Doragoor went into the bounty hunting business, pitting his own abilities against his targets, with no one to suffer for his errors or miscalculations but himself.
Doragoor's standard operating procedure is to meticulously study his prey, plotting out all manner of possible scenarios and the end results. He has a no-nonsense approach to his craft, preferring to spend time learning his subject so that he can anticipate his targets likely reactions and the difficulty involved in the capture.
During his time as a security professional and then a mercenary, Doragoor has acquired an impressive skill set, focused mainly on tactics and the use of military grade weapons and munitions. He is a strong, robust opponent, and some say the fact that he literally has nothing left to live for gives him an even greater edge when tracking and taking down his target.
He often uses his Repuslor Tank as a base of operations, as it is equipped with the latest in tactical military hardware in addition to providing a safe and virtually impenetrable environment. Between jobs he works as a freelance consultant for Jam Shan in exchange for the company's transportation resources when he is required to relocate to another planet during the pursuit of a bounty.

Dex: 2d+2 Knw: 3d Mech: 3d+1 Per: 2d+1 Str: 3d+2 Tech: 2d
Blaster: 5d+2 Planetary Systems: 5d+1 Astrogation: 5d Command: 7d Brawling: 5d+2d Comp Prog/Repair: 4d+1
Specialization: Merr-Sonn Munitions Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon :6d+1 Law Enforcement: 5d Repulsorlift Ops: 5d+2 Investigation: 4d+2 Lifting: 7d+2 Security: 4d+1
Dodge: 5d+1 Specialization: Gentes:9d Specialization: AX-09 Repulsor Tank: 7d+1 Tactics: 8d+2 Stamina: 6d+2 Blaster Repair: 4d+2
Melee Combat: 5d Willpower: 7d+1 Sensors: 5d+2 Sneak: 5d   Repulsorilift Repair: 5d+2
Vehicle Blasters: 7d+1 Streetwise: 4d+2 Space Transports: 5d+1 Search: 6d   Vehicle Weapons Repair: 6d+1
Grenade: 5d+1 Business: 4d+2 Starship Gunnery: 6d+1 Bargain: 4d+2   Armor Repair: 4d+1
Missile Weapons: 5d+2   Starship Shields: 4d+2 Gambling: 6d+1    
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 0
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 7


Model: Merr-Sonn Munitions Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon
Scale: Character
Difficulty :Increases by +5 per range increment at full auto (see below).
Skill: Blaster: Merr-Sonn Munitions Z-6 Rotary Blaster Cannon
Damage: 5d-4d-3d
Range: 30/150/300
Shot Capacity: 468 (3 minutes of continuous fire)
Fire Rate: 13 shots per combat round
Cost: 4,500 (Cost to recharge energy generator: 300cr)
GM notes:
It takes two rounds for the Z-6's generator to generate enough energy to operate before the weapon can be fired.

The user must have a STR of at least 3d+1 to use this weapon due to its recoil.
Because of the rapid fire of this weapon and the independent motor, an attack roll is made against an entire fire arc:
Example : Comm. Doragoor is being charged by five targets in his front fire arc (short range). He triggers the rotary blaster cannon, lowers it, waits for two rounds and opens fire, sweeping back and forth and covering the entire fire arc in one continuous blanket of fire. If his roll is successful, each target in the arc takes damage. The difficulty is set by the highest opposed roll in that fire arc. Example: The charging targets dodge side to side desiring to evade being shot. The GM rolls a dodge for each of the targets, the highest roll being a 17. Five is added to that (due to range)and Comm. Doragoor has to get a 22 to cover the entire firearc with the cannon.}

Capsule: Another gift presented to Commander Doragoor upon his leaving the Jam-Shan Mercenary Army, this weapon was affectionately named "Mower" by Doragoor after one of his first hunts, when he was pursuing a Klatooinian bio-terrorist on Gastrula who employed a squad of bodyguards for protection.
In a fierce firefight, the heavily armored bodyguards had Doragoor pinned down in a burnt-out building with no escape. With few other options left, his other resources depleted and his life at stake, Doragoor opened up with the Z-6, unleashing hell upon his pursuers, who were "mowed" down in a matter of seconds, leaving a writhing, screaming and wounded mass of bodies.

AX-09 Repulsor Tank

Craft:Sanwei-Torrg Military Solutions AX-09 Repulsor Tank
Type:Repulsor Tank
Length: 6.9 Meters
Skill:Replusorlift Ops: Sanwei-Torrg Military Solutions AX-09 Repulsor Tank
Crew: 1
Passengers: 4
Cargo Capacity: 250 kg
Consumables: 7 days
Cover: Full
Cost: 85,000 Credits (new)
Maneuverability: 2D+1
Move:30: 90kmh
Body Strength:4d+2

Heavy Blaster Cannon
Fire Arc: Front
Scale: Speeder
Skill: Vehicle Blasters
Fire Control: 1D+1
Range: 25-75/100/350
Damage: 7D

8 Projectile Launchers
Fire Arc: Front
Skill: Missile Weapons
Scale: Character
Range: 5-50/100/250
Damage: (4) Bothan Stun Spores (4d Stun) / (2) T-238 Canisters (Nausea/Incapacity) 1D / (2) Plank Gas (Corrosive Incapacity) 3D

6 Concussion Missile Tubes (3 per side)
Fire Arc: Front
Skill: Missile Weapons
Scale: Speeder
Fire Control: 1d+2
Range: 10-100/300/1 km
Blast Radius: 0-5/10/18
Damage: 5D