Name: Lady Yag Yag
Hunter Type: Flamboyant Celebrity Hunter
Age: 23
Species: Human
Gender: Female
Hair Color:Varies
Eye Color: Green
Cybernetics: Yes
Status: Active Sponsored Hunter
# of Years in the Business: 3 Months
Mode of Transportation: "Durasteel Dawn" (see below)
Known Associates: Defano Decrediz (Agent)
Affiliations: None
Area of Operations: Core
Preferred Bounty Stipulations: Targets Small- Cred Bounty Postings
Lady Yag Yag

Born on Coruscant, Lady Yag Yag led an unremarkable existence until she began singing in clubs while waiting tables at a local diner. Slowly, her counter-culture lyrics and intoxicating vocals began gaining a following and in just a few short years she was quickly moving up the ladder of success, but it was only in the past few years that she really blossomed as a performer.
Becoming a champion for “Droid Rights and Equality”, Yag Yag’s star began to skyrocket when she claimed to be a member of several droid rights organizations, including the Mechanical Liberation Front. While this has yet to be validated, Yag Yag’s detractors claimed she was simply making these outrageous claims to garner headlines and attention. Yag Yag took exception with that and claimed to put “her beliefs where her body is” and, during a live show on Corellia, began to have parts of her body replaced with cybernetics.
This performance and the following press skyrocketed Yag Yag to the top of the music charts and gained her a large following. Surprisingly, it was an underground droid music lab that took her music and digitized it for droid fans that really boosted her popularity. Recently, Yag Yag has announced her next album would center on the heartache and loneliness of the bounty hunting profession. Being a performance artist and perfectionist, Yag Yag has taken time away from touring to do research- by actually becoming a bounty hunter. This endeavor has proven to be a cash cow for her recording label, who has sponsored her research and in return are planning on releasing a "Yag Yag on the Hunt" holovid collection in the future.
On the hunt, Yag Yag is accompanied by her manager, a small entourage and a handful of carefully selected veteran bounty hunters who not only assist her in her pursuits, but also are tasked with training her in proper weapons usage and gear maintenance. She targets small-time criminals and less dangerous prey, but has actually proven herself to be fairly adept at the hunt. In one rumored encounter she actually bailed her hunt team out of trouble when their prey proved to be formidable than they expected.
Yag Yag’s right cybernetic arm has come in handy on several occasions, as she is able to swap out various prosthetic tools and weapons during a hunt. Her most used item is a stun-net launcher that has enabled her to take down several bounties, but she does has a saw, grapple, vibrosword and blaster attachment she has been known to use in various situations as well as a standard artificial hand.
Yag Yag and her crew typically travel in an Eleaor Propulsion spaceyacht called “Dursteel Dawn” (named after her greatest hit).
She has also had a sensory package installed, and her torso is covered in a high-impact alloy that can diffuse blaster bolts.
Some have speculated that she has accumulated more than enough research for her album, and that now she has a taste for the hunt. Only time will tell if she chooses to go back in front of her adoring fans or continue to pursue the unjust throughout the galaxy.

Dex: 3d+1 Knw: 3d+2 Mech: 2d+2 Per: 5d** Str: 2d+2 Tech: 2d
Blaster: 4d+2 Alien Species: 5d+1 Ground Vehicle Ops: 4d Bargain:6d Brawling: 4d+1 Computer Programming: 3d+1
Dodge:5d+1 Artist: 7d Swoop Operation: 6d Con: 6d+2 Stamina:4d Droid Programming/Repair:3d+2
Dance: 6d+2 Business: 6d Beast Riding: 4d Persuasion: 6d Climbing/Jumping: 5d Security: 4d+1
Running: 5d+2 Cultures : 5d+1 Repulsorlift Operation: 4d Specialization: Singing: 8d+2 Lifting: 4d Cybernetic Repair:4d+1
Melee Weapons: 4d Languages: 5d+2   Sneak: 6d+2 Swimming:4d+1 Armor Repair:4d
Melee Parry: 5d Streetwise: 4d+2       Blaster Repair:4d+2
Missile Weapons: 4d+2        
GM Notes
*This character gains +1D to all Lifting/Climbing/Jumping Rolls due to her cybernetic arm/leg.

** Her PER Skill is increased due to her Sensory Package.

Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 0
Dark Side Points: 0
Cyber Points: 5
Character Points: 5

Cybernetic Attachment: Vibro-Saw
Type: Vibro-Saw
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee Weapons
Difficulty: 15
Damage: STR+ 2D+1

Cybernetic Attachment: Grappling Hook
Type: Grappling Hook
Scale: Character
Skill: Missile Weapons
Ammo: 1 grappler head, 150-meter length of line
Range: 10-150 meters
Damage: 3d

Cybernetic Attachment: Blast-Um 5150 Blaster Attachment
Type: Blaster Rifle
Scale: Character
Skill: Blaster
Ammo: 100
Range: 3-40/120/320
Damage: 5d+1

Cybernetic Attachment: Vibro-Sword
Type: Personal Combat Vibrosword
Scale: Character
Skill: Melee Weapons
Difficulty: Moderate
Damage: STR + 3D+2

Other Gear:

Custom Torso Plating
Game Notes:

Armor: Provides +2D to STR for Physical Attacks, +1d For Energy Attacks, NO PENALTY to Dexterity Checks

Durasteel Dawn

Craft: Eleaor Propulsion Monarch Class Spaceyacht
Type:Space Yacht
Length: 75 Meters
Skill:Space Transports: Durasteel Dawn
Crew: 5
Passengers: 30
Cargo Capacity: 45 Metric Tons
Consumables: 3 Months
Cost: 1.5 million (new)
Hyperdrive Multiplier: x1
Hyperdrive Backup: x7
Nav Computer: Yes
Maneuverability: 1D
Space: 7

Atmosphere: 335; 1,050 kmh
Hull: 5D



Laser Cannon
Fire Arc:Front
Fire Control:2d
Range: 1-3/12/25(space) 100-300/1km/2km (atmosphere)
Damage: 4D