Name: Sleek Sanjo
Hunter Type: Retriever
Age: 29
Species: Cathar
Gender: Female
Hair Color:Orange
Eye Color: Green
Cybernetics: None
Status: Active
# of Years in the Business: 9
Mode of Transportation:Sleek's Jalopy (See below)
Known Associates: Family Members
Affiliations: None
Area of Operations: Coruscant
Preferred Bounty Stipulations: Lost children/Kidnappings
Sleek Sanjo

Sleek Sanjo was born and raised in the lower levels of the Galactic capital city of Coruscant. Her family was large and she assisted in the care of her younger siblings from an early age. Life in the lower levels of Coruscant was hard and the whole family had to help out in order to eke out an existence. Her grandfather had fought during the Clone Wars and taught his children to fight to defend themselves and the family from the many dangers found in Coruscant's lower levels, be they mutant rats, Hawk Bats, or the many criminals and ruffians preying on the poor. She lost her right eye as an adolescent when she defended two of her younger siblings from a pack of mutant rats.

One day one of her sisters did not return home for dinner. She told her heartsick mother that she'd find her. Sleek searched the many seedy bars and asked the ubiquitous homeless people if any had seen her sister. She finally got a lead to a local pimp looking to expand. He had kidnapped her sister and had her held in is apartment along with a couple of other young girls. Sleek cut the power to the building, then climbed the outer wall using her feline agility and broke into the apartment via a small window in the back. She then took out the two men in the apartment as well as the one stationed outside the front door with her small blaster. After she freed the girls, she helped them get home before heading for home herself with her sister. One of the families even gave her some food in return for their daughter's safe return. The other girl's family had posted a bounty when they found their daughter missing since the city's security forces rarely ventured to the lower levels. Sleek was grateful for the money and when she arrived home, her family hailed her as hero and mighty warrior. Her father even gave her one of the family's only heirlooms: an old slugthrower pistol of unique design.

Ever on the lookout for bounties posted on other "lost children", Sleek employs several of her siblings, who utilize their contacts in the various gangs and businesses operating in the lower levels. She rarely leaves Coruscant, but has on occasion for exceptional cases were the client pays for transport. Most bounty hunters rarely give these postings a second glance since the rewards are typically small compared to the postings for criminals, but Sleek doesn't care-she doesn't do it for the money.

Dex: 4d+2 Knw: 2d+1 Mech: 2d Per: 3d+2 Str: 2d+1 Tech: 3d
Blaster: 5d Alien Species: 2d+2 Repulsorlift Ops: 3d+2 Bargain: 5d Brawling: 3d+1 Blaster Repair: 3d+1
Dodge: 5d+2 Languages: 3d   Investigation: 4d Climbing/Jumping: 5d Firearm Repair:4d
Firearms: 5d Streetwise: 4d   Specialization:Coruscant Lower Levels: 6d+2   First Aid: 3d+2
Specialization: Grand Admiral Pistol: 6d+2 Specialization:Coruscant Lower levels: 6d+1   Persuasion: 5d+1   Security: 4d
Melee Combat: 5d+1 Value: 3d+2   Search: 5d   Repulsorlift Ops Repair: 4d+2
      Sneak: 4d+2    
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 4
Claws do Str+1d Physical Damage

Sleek's Pistol

Model : Netfali Arms "Grand Admiral" 45-Caliber Pistol
Type: Heavy Caliber Slugthrower pistol
Scale: Character
Skill: Firearms: Grand Admiral Pistol
Ammo: 6
Range: 3-25m/50/125
Damage: 5d Physical (per shot)

Capsule: This pistol has been in Sleek's family for generations. It loads through the butt of the grip and can hold up to six rounds. It has a dual trigger mechanism that requires the user to cock each hammer before each shot, but by cocking both hammers at once both barrels can be discharged with one pull of the trigger, allowing for a devastating explosion of firepower.

Sleek's Jalopy

Craft: Galactic Motors SkyBaron
Type: Repulsor Vehicle
Length: Four Meters
Skill:Repulsor Vehicle Operation
Crew: 1 Pilot
Passengers: 1-2
Cargo Capacity: 150 kg
Cover: Full
Cost: For Sale, price negotiable
Maneuverability: +1
Move:75, 175kmh
Altitude Range: Ground level- 1km
Body Strength:+2
Weapons: None

Capsule: Sleek found this jalopy abandoned near her family's home. She scavenged the parts needed to get it running and fixed it up. Only she can get it to start by jamming a homemade tool into ignition.

Sleek Sanjo Created by Tracy Rodgers