Name: Fantarn Delgazarre
Occupation: Gun For Hire
Crime: Murder.
Alias: None
Advisory: Considered Armed and Dangerous.

Last Spotted: Elrood Sector

Bounty Heads Hot Tip:
Watch out for this one chummers, rumor has it that "Daddy's little girl" is packing a lot of attitude in the way of double DL-44's. And what is with that "unharmed" noise? Seems like 35,000 creds is a small reward for a suicide run.

The Score:
Born on the planet Vol Kol, Fantarn was born into a life of leisure. At the age of 17 she fell in love with a rogue smuggler who was on planet delivering a cargo full of spice.They ran off together, creating much embarrassment for her family.
During an escape from an Imperial cargo vessel, Fantarn killed several stormtroopers who were acting as escort. The bounty is posted by her family who wants her brought home so they can attempt to get her name cleared in a court of law. It just wouldnt do to have the Delgazarre named soiled by a simple "misunderstanding".

DEX: 3D+1
Blaster: 4D
Brawling parry
Dodge: 5d
Melee Combat: 4d
Melee Parry: 5d+1

KNW: 3d+2
Alien Species:4d+2
Cultures: 6d
Vol Kolvians:8d
Value: 5d+2

MECH: 2d
Beast Riding: 6d
Space Transports:6d+1
Repulsorlift Ops: 5d+2

PER: 3d
Bargain: 5d+1
Search: 6d+2
Persuasion: 6d+1

STR: 2d
Brawling: 4d+1

TECH: 4d
First Aid: 4d
Security: 7d
Blaster Repair:6d


6 Energy Cells

2 Modified Blaster Pistols (DL-44's):(5d+2) 1-3/12/45

4,865 credits

Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 1
Character Points: 9