Name: Reiianalla
Occupation: ?
Crime: Theft.
Alias: None
Advisory: Considered Armed and Dangerous. Approach with Caution.

Last Spotted: Celanon Sector

Bounty Heads Hot Tip:
Hmmmm...pretty large bounty for a simple thief dontcha think? Word on the street is Reiianalla aint one of your typical mindless Rodians. Reiianalla has only been spotted briefly in the Celanon Sector, and that wasn't from the most reliable of sources. This guy seems like a myth almost. No one is sure what he stole and no one is talking.The bounty is being posted by a third party, so we dont even know WHO wants him. Take this one at your own risk partners.

The Score:
Reiianalla was the right hand for a Celanon crime syndicate run by Docul the Hutt. Working his way up from the bottom and eliminating his competition methodically, he was soon running Docul's daily operations and interests on Celanon.

When another crime lord showed interest in Docul's operations,Reiianalla sold Docul out, thinking that the Hutt's days were numbered. Docul proved Reiianalla wrong though, and quickly eliminated the rival crime lord.
Reiianalla heard about the hit and knowing that Docul would soon find out about his betrayal, ran for his life. Upon his exit he grabbed a few datachips regarding Docul's operations and fled. This info did not amount to much, since Docul was in the process of re-organizing his empire.
Reiianalla is currently trying to make a connection and sell the info, but his paranoia is preventing him from trusting anyone long enough to make the trade.

Blaster: 8D
Dodge: 5d+2
Grenade: 7d

KNW: 3d
Alien Species: Specialization: Hutts: 7d
Intimidation: 4d+2
Willpower: 8d+2

MECH: 2d
Beast Riding: 3d
Repulsor Ops:7d+1

PER: 3d+2
Con: 5d+1
Search: 6d+2
Persuasion: 6d+2

STR: 4d+1
Brawling: 5d+1

TECH: 2d
Computer Programming/Repair: 6d
Security: 7d
Droid Programming:5d+1
Repulor Ops Repair:7d


Netfali Arms "No Access" Blaster Pistol

10,465 credits

Modifed blast vest: +1d+1 vs phys/ +1d vs energy

Hidden datadisk holder

Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 0
Dark Side Points: 2
Character Points: 8

GM Notes: This character has cybernetic enhancements. The bonuses are:

+2d to search/perception in lowlight/darkness.
+2 to all DEX rolls.