Name: Colo Tibarium
Occupation: Rogue Merc
Crime: Murder, theft.
Alias: The Red Dwarf
Advisory: Considered Armed and Highly Dangerous.

Last Spotted: Fellini Sector

Bounty Heads Hot Tip:
Dont let the nickname fool you partners, this is one big mean and bad fella. Word has it that Colo, in addition to being a mean as-all-get-out mother, is also a spicer. Thats right, apparently he needs it to keep his edge. So for you enterprising young cusses out there who think you are gonna pull in seventy-five large, just remember: Hit HIM before HE hits the SPICE.

The Score:
Colo Tibarium is a former Corsec officer. He was released from active duty when an internal investigation uncovered some "unorthodox methods" he used in several arrests.

Tibarium drifted as a freelance investigator for several years until he fell in with "Black Balz Inc" a small mercenary unit operating in the Corporate Sector. It is during this time that Colo gained a suit of power armor and the nickname "The Red Dwarf", a play on words since the suit was extremely large and red.
Colo stayed with Black Balz for a while but was released from the team when his partners found out he had a spice addiction. Colo then went freelance, taking any random jobs just to support his habit and get him from one side of the galaxy to the other.Things went from bad to worse when he made the mistake of taking on a job guarding a freighter full of Garnib crystals.When the freighter docked at a space station and was boarded by local custom officials, Colo, under the effects of some bad spice, mistook the boarders for pirates.

A violent firefight ensued, with Colo killing several custom officials and starting a fire in the cargo hold that resulted in the loss of 30% of the cargo.
Colo stole the first starship he saw and hauled tail out of the sector and away from the space station. The bounty was posted by the company that hired him to protect their cargo.

Blaster: 6D
Brawling parry:5d
Dodge: 7d
Melee Combat: 5d
Melee Parry: 5d+2
Missle Weapons:6d+1

KNW: 2d
Alien Species:5d+2
Law Enforcement: 5d
Value: 5d

MECH: 4d
Powersuit Operation: 6d
Specialization:Netfali Arms "DarkDeity-4570" Powerarmor:8d+2
Space Transports:6d
Repulsorlift Ops: 6d+2
Starship piloting: 5d+2
Starship Gunnery: 7d

PER: 3d
Bargain: 4d+1
Search: 5d+2
Persuasion: 8d+1

STR: 3d
Brawling: 6d+1

TECH: 3d
First Aid: 5d
Security: 4d
Blaster Repair:6d+1
Armor Repair:5d+2
Specialization:DarkDeity Powerarmor: 7d+2


1 Suit : Modified Netfali Arms DarkDeity-4570 PowerArmor:

3,834 credits
(3) Vials of "NoxyGlow Alpha": Increases STR by 1D for D6 hours. Side effects include: hallucinations, dizziness, possibly death, depending on dosage.

Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 0
Dark Side Points: 2
Character Points: 13