Who are we?

Bounty Heads Inc. is a relatively new company established for the sole purpose of assisting you, the enterprising bounty hunter.

And just how are you gonna do that?

Product! We know how difficult your job is. We are staffed galaxy-wide with former bounty hunters, mercs and law enforcement agents. We annually poll our employees and other bounty hunters in the field and devise new gadgets and items that work towards making your hunts go easier.

What sort of Gadgets?

Glad you asked! Our first and most popular product is the Bounty Locator 5000. A top of the line product that will keep you up to date on any bounties that surface in your sector!

How does it work?

The Bounty Locator 5000 is designed like a standard laptop datapad. However, once you drop into a sector, you merely turn it on,enter your personal I.D. code and viola! thats right! Gone are the days of trudging to the local bounty hunting office and staring at holoposts for hours on end!You now have an automatic listing of all posted bounties in the sector along with exclusive "Bounty Heads, Inc. Hot Tips™ "! Now you can get the leads all of those other hunters want!

And where does this info come from?

Bounty Heads Inc. is proud to claim that we now have relay stations in over 4,000 systems! At our relay stations we have teams of analysts working day and night to keep posted bounty information as current and up to date as possible. Our analysts are in constant contact with the local bounty hunting sector offices as well as hitting the streets and getting the inside info YOU need! So the minute a bounty is posted our Analysts update the Bounty Heads system, insuring that the moment you drop into system you are pulling from the most current info available! Thats right! No more sitting in a smoky cantina waiting for a mark to come in only to find out that another hunter bagged and tagged the mark a day earlier!

Sounds okay, but what about hackers? Couldn't they break in to the signal?

Pretty unlikely chum. We have a multi-layered encryption on our signals. In addition the transmission is put out on a wavelength that requires a special "reader" to display. And guess what? That reader is only available on the Bounty Locator 5000!

Ok, so how much does this cost?

The Bounty Locator 5000 retails for 7,400.00 Credits. However, special deals are available for bulk orders, contact your local Bounty Heads Sales Rep for more info.

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