Welcome to the obligatory Links Page! Below you will find links to the finest SWRPG sites on the web. Trust me when I say that each and every one of these sites is worth a look.

[Rant] Years ago, the web was teeming with SWRPG sites. Originality and creativity ran rampant and the SWRPG community was strong and thriving.
Unfortunately, those days are gone. The sites that remain are either community staples or campaign sites that only flourish because of the dedication and passion of the webmasters and their gamers.
What you will find below is what was left of that community, and as I periodically update this page, it's unfortunate to note that the links continue to dwindle.
That being said, should you have a SWRPG site you would like us to link to, simply drop me an e-mail.[/Rant]

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