A little over a decade after the fall of the Republic and the rise of Palpatine, the Emporer received odd news from one of his deep space exploration teams. It seemed that in a small area of unexplored space, several planets, all in close proximity to each other existed that contained unusual amounts of cortosis, among other ores and minerals that had yet to be identified.

Palpatine sent a research team out, along with a special unit to evaluate the planets and their resources. The findings were promising....the planets had various ores and minerals that had adverse effects on the "force". There was much theory as to why the compounds had such reaction, but ultimately the ore seemed to be a result of various alien experiments conducted millenia before.In addition, the inhabitants of the planets were peaceful and excellent with all things technical.

Palpatine himself then made a trip to the system where he found a treasure trove. Minerals that could diffuse energy weapons...plants that gave off a venom that reduced midichlorian counts...all things that could be harnessed and used against jedi. And sith as well. In Palpatines paranoia, he closed down the system, had all evidence of the area removed from his scout's database and assigned a fleet of SD's to protect the area, headed by Moff Grundul.

Inside of a few years the system became a hub of activity. Palpatine sent his most trusted and brilliant scientists to the system to analyze and develop the resources. Any ships that happened on the sector were destroyed instantly...those assigned to the project never left the system. The indigenous species such as the Orqwad were put to work designing weapons of destruction and violence, solely for the use of defeating force users.
Palpatine kept a close eye on the Bordega system. Warehouses erected on the planet RuRUSha began to fill up with prototypes of weaponry, virusesall manner of items designed specifically to make the elimination of force users that much easier.

The Fall of Palpatine
After the battle of Endor it took several months before news of the Emporers death reached Moff Grundul. Along with this news came various reports of a resurgence of jedi activity throughout space. It was of course rumored that a Jedi, Skywalker, had killed Palpatine...but if the other reports were true, Jedi were coming out of their hiding places and the galaxy was about to change.

By cutting down on all communication and eliminating anyone even remotely considered to be communicating with Courscant, Moff Grundul set himself up as Warlord in the Bordega System. Realizing he was sitting on a virtual goldmine, Grundul gathered together his most trusted advisors and set about developing a plan that would change the galaxy.

The Plan:
Enough Jedi paranoia existed in the universe that Grundul knew he could turn a handsome profit from the galaxy's fear. He assigned his most trusted advisors with the task of taking 2 SD's and traveling throughout the galaxy meeting with crime lords and free lance interests. These advisors were to track Jedi activites and leads and follow up with a visit to the locals where the Jedi appeared. They essentially began taking orders for jedi fighting equipment.

This equipment wasn't cheap however. A small vial of "nullexorian IV" which decreased a jedi's ability for a set amount of time went for as much as 10,000 credits per vial. However, when Grundul's associates showed up, they didn't just bring stories of the jedi, they brought all of the holovid footage that the Bordega scientists had been supplied with by Palpatine for research.

Soon crime lords and planetary dignitaries in the outer rim were watching holovids of large cat creatures wielding lightsabers and various other beings performing all manner of feats. The most disturbing of these were the holovids created in Bordega under Palpatines rule. It seems Palpatine was paranoid enough to send some of the dark jedi under his command to be used as guinea pigs in the Bordega system. These dark jedi were used as test subjects, but only under the watchful eye of the Emporer, the only being able to crush them should they bypass the weapons in development. Therefore, hours upon hours of holovids existed in Bordega laboratories showing these jedi in all manner of combat...slicing through hoards and hoards of stormtroopers, storm commandos, anything that could be thrown at them. Grundul just helped himself to 3 hours worth of holovid and made a "best of reel" that his advisors broke out at the end of every presentation.

When the crime lords and dignitaries watched 30 minutes of a jedi slicing his way through over 60 armed troopers, they couldnt place their orders quickly enough. Indeed, it seems the Jedi were back and looking for a measure of revenge. In the outer rim underworld, panic began to spread , and it was spreading coreward. Soon orders were rolling into the Bordega System for Sonic disruptor rays that reduced lightsaber crystals to powder and suits of lightsaber resistant armor. Grundul had found a market and the resulting paranoia insured his limited survival. Things had just gotten very interesting in the galaxy.

System Overview

Located in the outer rim, on the verge of wild space just past the Skine Sector is rumored to be the Bordega System.

The system has one yellow sun. There are a total of 6 planets in the sector. 4 of these are habitable. They are:

Norcree: Unihabitable. Volcanos dot the landscape spewing forth noxious fumes and molten lava. The planet is in a constant state of flux.

Gwal: Uninhabitable. At one time it was thought to have been lush and full of life. The only research done on it shows a major collision with an asteroid, possibly centuries ago.

Bordega Prime: The main planet of the system. Bordega prime is the home of the Orqwad species. These are ochre-colored humanoids standing about 1.2 meters tall. The have fine hands and sharp eyes and due to a special mineral that exists in water of the planet, have exceptional stamina, thus they only require a fraction of the rest a normal humanoid needs.

Bordega Prime itself is a lush planet, primarily covered in bushes and low grasslands. All manner of creature live here and the Orqwad have created a series of floating cities to preserve the land. These cities house millions of Orqwad, who work non-stop creating and fine tuning various inventions.

Gaxel nun: Gaxel Nun is a wet planet. Most of it is covered in oceans. Many Orqwad have migrated here due to the various minerals that can be found in the underwater caverns of the planet. the Orqwad have created "Strumveldts" to live on-large city sized sailing vessels kept afloat through orqwad technology.

RuRuSha: A very hot planet near the sun. High gravity. The indigenous life is the Brackel...large lumbering creatures with limited intelligence. The only redeeming quality of the planet is the various types of ore found on the planet. The Orquad use the brackel to mine the ore and the brackel in turn get well taken care of...until the empire intervened at least.

Grundul:A beautiful and very tropical planet. Until the empire arrived completely uninhabited except for floral and fauna. Once the empire arrived led by Moff Grundul, the planet was Terra formed into a vacation spot for the imperials stationed in the sector.

Bordega Weapons and Equipment
The weapons and equipment developed in the Bordega System are very difficult and expensive to obtain. One must make the proper contacts through the black market just to get close to anyone who has access to the weaponry.
Several crime lords have created knock off products, so knowing your seller is of the utmost importance. Below is a short list of the more "common" items available on the black market. This is by no means a comprehensive list, as only Grundul knows what other goodies he is sitting on. Rumors abound that he has developed a "midichlorian bomb" that utilizes a virus that attacks midichlorians in the body, and a suit of armor that is woven out of a plant fiber that creates a "anti-force" bubble a meter in diameter, but these rumors have been as yet unfounded.

Sonic Vibro Ray Midichlorian Viral Injection Phase I Midichlorian Viral Injection Phase II Energy Coupler
Force Mace Vocal Enhancement Module Virus Injection Gauntlet
Virus Injecting Harpoon Weapon Personel EMP Emitter