Model: Bordega Sonic Viral Injector Gauntlet

Scale: Character

Skill: Melee Combat Cost: 3,000 credits

Difficulty: Moderate

Damage: 2+1d (syringe)

This gauntlet is meant to be used in conjunction with the various Midichlorian viruses. A successful difficulty roll causes a eight inch long spike/syringe to eject from the housing. Due to a special coating, this syringe can penetrate most armor.

Once ejected the syringe injects the virus directly into the target. Due to the suddeness of the weapon only one strike is needed to be effective. However, if the user is not careful the syringe can do more harm than good.

GM NOTES: If a "1" is rolled on the wild die when using the gauntlet the syringe is bent and unusable.

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