Model: Bordega Sonic Virus Harpoon Gun

Scale: Character

Skill: Blasters:Ranged Weapons

Cost: 14,000 credits

Range: 1-5/15/20

Damage: 3d (PHYS) / INJECTION *

Fire Rate: 2

This is not your standard harpoon gun. The bolts used for this weapon can hold up to 2oz. of Midi virus. In addition, once the bolt enters the target, several barbs eject from the tip, making extraction of the bolt a excrutiatingly painful process. While the target is trying to get the bolt out the virus is already in the bloodstream and making its way through the body.

GM NOTES: If the character successfully hits the target, the barbs eject once the bolt is in the skin. It requires a MODERATE STR roll to extract the bolt. Doing so causes an additional 6D physical damage.

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