Model: Bordega Vocal Enhancement Module

Scale: Character Cost: 12,000 credits

Range: 1-3 / 45 Degree Arc

Damage: 6d

Fire Rate: 1

This device turns the users voice into an amplified sonic weapon. There is a collar worn with a vocal amplifier and it transmits a signal to a hand held "box" that sends the signal in a directional vector.
This is an ancient alien technology and is understood very little by Imperial scientists. Specific words must be spoken in order to do the damage desired. all but a few of the words have been lost or forgotten.

Stops the opponents heart from beating. The target must make a stamina roll in order to remain conscious and shake off the attack. This roll is in conjunction with the str roll for damage. The damage of this attack is 6d physical.

  Rohn Nouri-
Squeezes the brain and actually pushes the blood out of the cerebral cortex. Especially effective against human targets.
 Target must make a VERY DIFF stamina roll to remain conscious.
Damage is 4d+2 /add 2d if the target is human.

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