1 Square= 1m

1.Hidden Automated Blaster tracking system 6.Counter/ Weapons Display Case
2.Food/Beverage Kiosk 7.Various Cargo Crates/Containers
3.(2) Frozen Foods Display Cases 8.Workbench
4. Wall Size Heavy Weapons Display Case 9.Dining/Entertainment Area
5.(2) Weapons Display Cases 10.Refresher


1.This is an automated blaster security system. When any customer enters the store they are tagged by a homebrewed tracking system. Should trouble erupt or the store theft detection system pick up a shoplifter, the clerk behind the counter can key the blasters to fire on the designated "tagged" target.There are two of these units on each side of the front entrance. When not in use they are hidden inside of two columns set into the wall. When activated a hidden panels slides back and the blasters eject on a swiveling mount.
Homebrewed Blaster Security System (per blaster):

2. Food/Beverage Kiosk. There are several of these kiosks located in the store. They contain all manner of snack food from over 200 different planets. Included are such items as: Coruscant Hard Candy, Imperial Teeth Twisters, FizzyFruit, Microscopic Flavor Nodes from Etti IV.

3. (2) Frozen Foods Display Cases. These 1.2m tall refrigerated cases contain perishable foostuffs from around the galaxy. The contents can vary from week to week, depending on what Digor's delivery man can acquire at the market. Items in the cooler include: Mon Cal Seafood, a variety of frozen confections and freeze dried items.

4. Wall Size Heavy Weapons Case. This is a large transparasteel case set into the wall of the building. On the left you will find the smaller heavy weapons such as blaster rifles the farther right you move the large the weapons. At the end of the case you will find weapons such as glop grenade launchers and anti-infantry mines.:
Weapons in the display case:

5.(2) Weapons display cases. Standing about 1.8m tall and housing anywhere from 8-10 shelves, inside customers will find small side arms, heavy blaster pistols and compact melee weapons.The cases are durasteel and require a passcode be entered to unlock.
In Case #1:

In Case #2:

6.Counter/ Weapons Display Case. This is a 1.2m tall transparasteel case housing a variety of weapons. his case houses most of the non traditional weaponry to be found in the shop. Items such as slugthrowers, archaic black powder pistols and occasionally there is a rumor that a lightfoil or lightsaber may show up in the case..but these are only rumors.
This case contains:

7.Various Cargo Crates/Containers. These are filled with a variety of foodstuffs. All of it is non perishable. However, anyone checking each individual crate will find that the furthest in the corner is actually hollow, concealing a trap door in the bottom. This trap door leads into an access tunnel under the shop and out into the street behind the shop.

8.Workbench. Digor is a top o the line armorer. In his spare time after hours he tinkers on weapons, modifying them and improving them. His workbench contains :

9.Dining/Entertainment Area. This area is where Digor eats and plays sabbacc. Depending on what time of day it is there may be anywhere from 1-2 associates in this area playing cards or watching the holovid. Besides a food storage/preparation device along the wall are several crates containing:

10.This is a standard refresher with shower facilities.


Digors Weapons and Snacks is located on the planet of Nal Hutta. This is the only reason he can get away with selling some of the items he carries. Digors initial idea for the store was to satisfy the hunger of customers while also providing them with top of the line weaponry at a reasonable cost.

Digor's shop is not the cleanest you will ever bee in. Given the planets climate there is always a humid funk hanging in the air. The shop has been in the same spot for years and Digor rarely spends credits to improve the store's decor. If one can get past the odor and humidity however, they are apt to find some real bargains. Digor always has scouts out looking for great bargains on surplus weaponry and hard to find items as well.

A thin curtain separates the front of the store from the back but since Digor is generally the only person running things, there is little chance of anyone making it into the back without trouble. Digor is suspicious of everyone who comes in the store but if the customer shows the proper knowledge and appreciation of weaponry Digor is more likely to help that customer and be friendly.

He will sometimes take odd jobs to repair blasters or upgrade equipment, but the customer will either have to have a lot of credits or be able to follow through with any request Digor may have.

Digor usually wears greasy coveralls and rarely bathes. He also walks with a slight limp that prevents him from running or moving very fast should he need to.

Name: Digor
Type: Outlaw Tech
Age: ?
Alias:  None
Quote: "Ah yea, the limited edition Merr-Sonn XX-4, that is a classic weapon."

DEX: 2d
Blaster: 6d+2r
Specialization: Heavy Blaster Pistol:8+1
Dodge: 5d

KNW: 4d
Law Enforcement:6+1
Streetwise: 6d
Business: 5d
Specialization:Digors Weapons and Snacks:9d+1

MECH: 3d
Repulsorlift Ops:5d+1
Space Transports: 3d

PER: 3d
Search: 5d

STR: 2d
Brawling: 3d+2

TECH: 4d
Armor Repair/Modification:8d
Blaster Repair/Modification:10d
Repulsorlift Repair:4d+2
Space Transports Repair:5d
Rocket Pack Repair:6d


(1) Sentinel IV Heavy Blaster Pistol: 5d+2 (on hip)

Force Points: 0
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 6