New Tanzanel

Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Hot
Atmosphere: Type 2 (breath mask required)
Hyrdosphere: Arid
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Plains, Mountains
Length of Day: 12 Standard Hours
Length of Year: 167 Local Days
Sapient Species:Humans (nomadic)
Starports: 1 Landing Field
Population: ?
Planet Function: Industrial Waste Dumping Spot
Government: None

New Tanzanel was once a lush forested planet. When colonists set down on the planet, it looked like a prime spot for a new settlement. Things were looking promising for the planets new inhabitants when disaster struck.

A tramp freighter crashed on the planet late one evening when trying to make an emergency landing. It was carrying with it several containers of a highly toxic material, that, once released into the planets atmosphere, quickly set about killing any and all life on the planet.
Only the colonists who were able to get into a sealed enviroment were able to survive, but the damage was so great and the threat so unknown, the colonists were not able to radio for help until several days later.
The damage was extensive and irreversable. Juanrez Chemical Co., the responsible party, was charged with the accident and made an effort to repair the damage, but to no avail. After compensating the families of those killed, Juanrez began to use the now useless planet as a dumping ground for its industrial waste.

Due to the planets atmosphere and terrain, it has become a popular spot for many criminals and sugglers looking to lie low. Deep in one of the mountainous canyons a small camp has been constructed by a Rodian named "Skreen". He set this camp up as a haven for lowlifes and smugglers who are on the run and need a temporary layover.
What many don't realize however is that Skreen uncovered a rich vein of Malconite X-a valuable metal used in producing all manner of products (imcluding starship hulls). Skreen keeps the vein hidden, using droid laborers to dig further and further into the mountain. He then transports the raw ore to a nearby processing planet that he has an "agreement" with, and collects himself a hefty sum of money.

You will rarely see a world as ugly as New Tanzanel