Type: Oceanic Planetoid
Temperature: Tropical on the surface, Temperate in the Oceans
Atmosphere: Type III
Hyrdosphere: Saturated
Gravity: Light
Terrain: Volcanic,Ocean
Length of Day: 32 Standard Hours
Length of Year: 212 Local Days
Sapient Species: Ryusdallians
Starports: Landing Field
Population: Unknown
Government: Clans

Located in the volatile Wrynn system this planetoid is unstable on the surface, but holds a vast society deep in its oceans. The binary suns of the Wrynn system wreck seismic havoc on the small planetoid as it wobbles on its elliptical path around the two red suns. This dynamic pushing and pulling on Ryusdals continental plates creates constant and massive volcanic activity. So much ash and sulphur is spewed into the atmosphere that in order to be on the small tiny lava rock islands requires an exposure suit for any non-Ryusdallians.
Beneath the surface of the oceans however is where the real planet resides. Life is abundant in the deep oceans of Ryusdal. And that life is dominated by the sentient Ryusdallians. Evolved from a fish like species they posses webbed hands and feet as well as a webbed exterior dorsal spine that not only helps with rapid swimming, but helps to maintain body temperature. Large gills protrude from the back of the jaws and along the sides of the head. One interesting thing about the Ryusdals, their mouths are for eating and breathing. By pulling water in through their mouth and pushing it back out the open ducts in their jaws the gills extract the necessary elements for respiration. The Ryusdal can speak but do so by modifying the flow of water over the gills to make sounds and language. The body of the Rysudallians is dense and enables the Ryusdallians to dive to great depths with no side effects or hinderances.
The species is a proud one with a long history of cluture and religion. Many coral sanctuaries to the mighty gods exist all along the ocean floor. Entire cities have been built and dedicated to the principal Gods of Ryusdallian society. Every undertaking in Ryusdallians life has a principal deity that overseas it. From hunting to business, offspring rearing to death. This deep invlovement and devotion to religion has also spawned a gret interest and love of the arts in many Ryusdallians. Buildings and reefs are decorated with many elaborate and colorful murals. Many of the societies greatest accomplishments and tragedies are captured and passed down through the ages in the artwork. One of the special types of art work that can be found in Ryusdallian cities, are living works of art. The Ryusdallians can grow and form coral reefs into living evolving pieces of art.
In addition to the arts, Ryusdallians are skilled warriors and hunters. In the early days of the Ryusdallians society, many tribal wars were fought. Much of Ryusdal is still run by tribal leaders, and while conflicts still erupt, they are far fewer than in earlier days.
The entire surface of the planet is covered in oceans, with massive volcanoes jutting up out of the ocean. Some volcanoes are large enough and erupt often enough to have developed small lava rock islands that exist around the craters. The ocean floor is almost as dangerous as the surface with new fissures opening and new volcanoes forming on a regular basis. Several deep canyons exist along the ocean floor. Ryusdallians live in these canyons as well, with some communities entirely cut off from ones that live in shallower waters. The true number of Ryusdallians is unknown.

Write Up by Tony Garrett, concept by RS Team