Shablaz V

Type: Terrestrial
Temperature: Hot
Atmosphere: Type 1
Hyrdosphere: Arid
Gravity: Standard
Terrain: Desert
Length of Day: 22 Standard Hours
Length of Year: 405 Local Days
Sapient Species:Humans
Starports: 2 Standard Class
Population: 2.3 million
Planet Function: Mining
Government: Mining Guild
Tech Level:Space
Exports: Variety of Minerals and Ores
Imports: Foodstuff, Entertainment, Medicinal Supplies/Clothing

Located just beyond the Danzas Sectorin the Outer Rim, Shablaz V is one of the more intriguing mining planets in the galaxy. Purchased by the Forstall Corporation decades ago, its only real value is in a variety of minerals the harsh planet produces.

Run by an established Mining Guild, various areas of the planet have been leased out to small time mining corporations. Due to the various locations of resources, visitors can see the economic class system at work just by traveling from outpost to outpost.

These "Outposts" are the homes and working areas of the various mining corporations employees. While some would be considered "run down" on other planets, here they would be considered elaborate. Miners and their families work and play at these outposts and also act as it's defenders should any of the planets indigenous life attempt to infiltrate the walled in outpost.
There is no real Imperial presence on Shablaz V, as it has no military or economic advantage. The resources, while useful, are not particularly valuable; this has caused the various corporations who mine here to use the planet as a "dumping ground" for problem employees and older equipment.

Given the various personalities and the lack of Imperial supervision, Shablaz V has become a criminal haven of sorts. Smuggling, theft, gambling, prostitution, all manner of crimes are committed in the outposts, creating a unique underworld with a thriving black market.
The criminal masterminds behind this underworld realize that to bring much undue attention would cause the Empire to move in and establish some sort of order. They prevent this by paying off Mining Guild officials and making sure that enough ore makes its way off planet to keep the corporations happy.
In the past, Shablaz V has been used to relocate or hide rebel contacts. Rumor in the underworld also has it that some of the older "mined-out" tunnels house a rebel weapons cache complete with several turbolasers and ion cannons, but these reports have not been confirmed.