Yaric's Black Market Trading Post or just "Yarics" is located deep in the Minos Cluster. It was established over a decade ago by a young enterprising criminal named Yaric Fald. Yaric was born on Celanon, and , like most Nalronians, looked forward to a life of commerce, possibly working for the local customs office.
It was when he got word of his uncles death that his life turned around. It seemed that his uncle had left Yaric a run down luxury yacht in desperate need of repair. Pooling his resources, Yaric left Celanon and headed to a private docking platform in the Corporate Sector where the yacht was located. Upon arriving Yaric found a run down luxury yacht, but found much more. Stacked in the lower holds were crates upon crates of various supplies and equipment. The selection was immense and Yaric saw a virtual fortune sitting in front of him.

Yaric hired on a crew who would ask no questions and, after trading some priceless bottles of liquor for a complete ship overhaul, took to the space lanes.
For years Yaric wandered the outer rim, inviting spacers, traders, whoever to come and barter. Soon, "Yarics Flying Black Market" became legend. Any spacer seeking something obscure (a repulsor coil for a T-33 Whitehawk airspeeder) to the priceless (an Ithorian ginger-Sapling, complete with enviro-controlled growth capsule) could more than likely find it at Yarics.
After several years Yaric began to grow paranoid. Several run-in's with pirates made him re-evalute the idea of using a large luxury liner as his base of operations. Quickly,He sent his most trusted assistants out to scout locations, and waited.
They returned with possibilities, including abandoned warehouses, abandoned mines and so on. The one that struck Yaric though was a abandoned asteroid base in the Minos Cluster. Yaric inspected it and knew he had found his new home.
The asteroid base has proven to be an excellent move for Yaric. Now, in addition to bartering his own goods, he has opened the base to all traders. In the common trading market, hundreds of traders have set up booths bartering and trading their items. Visitors can find hundreds of items that they may never see anywhere else in the universe. Yaric has also opened up one level of the base to housing of the various merchants who call Yarics "home". This has resulted in a community of black market traders like no other.

Admittance to Yarics is selective, but only because one has to know exactly where it is to find it. Yaric will welcome anyone however, as long as they have come to shop/trade/barter. While Yaric is a criminal he does have certain morals. Slavery has no place on his station and he will have no part of it. His passion is fine art however, specifically art depicting war or he subject of war. It is rumored he has the most extensive collection of military text in the galaxy,save for the Emporer.

Base Map
1.Entrance/ Hanger Bay. 6.Storage
2.Control Center/Defenses, Hander Bay/Sensors Dept. 7.Yarics VIP Market
3.Yarics Living Quarters/Audience Chamber 8.Yarics Marketplace
4. Personell Quarters/ Base Security Dept.
5.Guest Living Quarters

Base Defenses
B.Ion Cannons
C.Proton Torpedo Launchers

X.Sensors & Communications Array

Sections 1 & 2

Section 1

1.These are two mounted ion cannons. Their placement ensures that any unauthorized ship trying to enter the complex is shut down and then guided in by tractor beam

2.Hanger Bay. This is a large bay hollowed out in the center of the asteroid. At any given time one can find several ships docked inside. Spacers, mercs and beings of all kinds pass through the bay day and night. Security is handled by members of Yarics security detail who monitor all beings coming in and going out.

3.Gabe's Cafe. This is nothing more than a small bar that has been set up near the hanger bay. Occasionally. spacers may have to wait for clearance to leave or for items to be loaded on their ships. Whatever the reason, Gabes offers several drinks to take the edge off of waiting. For a few small credits traders can grab a glass of lum and have a seat in the "dining area"- which is nothing more than durasteel chairs and tables set up haphazardly. Many of the stations residents come here in their downtime to watch the ships that come in. You never know who you might see...some have claimed that Han Solo has even stopped by on occasion.

4. The Reception Area. Here, guests will encounter an older protocol droid. Depending on who they are and what they want the droid will direct them to the large turbolift bank directly behind the station. For those new to the station the droid will explain the procedures and etiquette, for others he will merely allow them to their destination. It is well known that to damage or bother the droid in any way is to earn the scorn of Yaric himself, and to possibly sign your own death warrant..

5.Base Defenses: This is a plain room populated with an entire crew of defense technicians and weapon stations. They keep a constant monitor of all ships coming and going from the base. In addition the also watch out for any other asteroids that they might collide with, often obliterating them when they are in range.

6.This is the main control area for the entire base. Navigators, Sensor personell, everything is located in this room. Given the trading posts non stop, never closed policy this area is alway a hub of activity.

7.These are the power generators for the entire trading post. The area is closed off to the public and only accessible by two secured doors.

Section 3

1.This is the turbolift up from the lower levels. Standing guard on either side at all times are at least 4 wookiees. Since they are alerted by the droid at the reception desk of any visitors anyone unannounced is automatically attacked. This is due to several attempts on Yaric's life in the past.
For those that are expected, a gold plated R2 unit with a voice box will greet the guests and show them to the audience chamber (it is rumored that this R2 unit saved Yarics life years back and has been with him ever since)

2.Grand Feast.This entire area is one big play pen. Tables are scattered everywhere with all manner of drink and foodstuff. Droids are constantly refilling glasses and cleaning away scraps. Cushions are strewn about the floor and the area is filled with scantly-clad dancing girls and guests, lounging, frolicking and in general enjoying the party.Music drifts down from a top of the line sound system, and the asteroid walls have been left intact, causing the music to reverberate throughout the area. Only when Yaric is hosting the most important guests or meetings will you find this area deserted and quiet.

3.The Dais. This is a raised area adorned with silk cushions and pillows. When Yaric has guests, this is where he resides, a full three meters off of the ground. Two marble pillars set to either side, supporting the area as well as dividing the area from the rest of the facilities. There are typically 2-4 Nalronian dancing girls lounging on the cushions along with Yaric, stroking his fur or feeding him firefruit. In truth there is only a 25% chance this is actually Yaric. Normally he enjoys being down in the lower levels in disguise, bartering and haggling for goods. His stand-ins are a pair of nalroni twins who are distantly related to Yaric. The pillars aren't just for show either. Embedded within are delicate listening devices that Yaric uses to monitor activity in the hall. Should he need to relay a message back to his stand-in he simply comms one of the Nalroni dancing girls who happen to have a hidden earpiece. They will then relay the message to the stand in while pretending to comb his fur. This deception has worked well for Yaric inthe past, as he has grown increasingly paranoid. It has worked so well in fact that it has even saved his life once. there used to be THREE Nalroni brothers.

4. Servants Area. This is where all of the food and drink is prepared. At any time one can find 15-20 serving droids buzzing throughout the area. The outer room is storage for foodstuffs and other items.Some of the more notable items are:

5.Private Storage Room: This is where Yaric keeps various items of great value. Things that he has collected over the years that he doesn't want people to see or know about can be found in this room. A HEROIC Security roll is needed to bypass the Vocal/Retinal/DNA security clearance check.Inside can be found items such as:

6.Art Gallery. This room is Yarics pride and joy. He has a passion for artwork and sculpture. This room contains some of the finest pieces ever created throughout the known galaxy. Only a handful of people have ever been allowed into the gallery and Yaric wishes to keep it that way. Some pieces of art found here were long thought destroyed, thus their value is immeasurable.
Yaric has had a sitting area contrsucted in the very center and spends much of his time here when not in meetings or in the lower levels.

7.Living Quarters. This is Yarics personal residence. It's rooms are divided by large thick hanging drapery instead of walls. Artifacts and curiosities are scattered throughout, situated on the floor or on pedestals.

8.Concealed Hanger Bay. Only a handful of personell know about this area. It is essentially Yaric's "back door". Inside is a heavily modified YT-2400. At the first sign of trouble the ship can be loaded with Yarics most valuable possessions and personell and evacuated inside of minutes. The outer wall has been carved down and laced with explosives. Should Yaric need to escape he merely has to enter a passcode on a transmitter in the ship and the explosives will detonate in such a pattern as to reduce the wall to rubble, allowing the freighter to jet off into space. Obviously Yaric has never had to use this.

Sections 4 & 5

1.These are standard living quarters for Yaric personell. Rooms are equipped with a holovid player, refresher, kitchenette and bedroom. While not the most lavish of facilities, many of the employees do their best to make it seem like home.

2.More crew quarters. Most of the security detail is located in this area. As such, many of the rooms have several occupants.

3.Commons area. This area is where the crew can hang out and socialize when not on duty. It is more like a makeshift tapcafe than anything else. A old protocol droid serves drinks from a portable bar parked in the corner. There is usually several games of chance being played and occasionally Yaric may show up for a game or two.

4. Main Turbolift. This is the main turbolift that runs from the upper and lower levels.

5.Yarics Sweet Suite. This is one of the few luxury accommodations at Yarics. Only VIP's can expect to get this room. It has an elaborate refresher, several casino machines inside and a fully stocked bar. The room is very extravagant and Yaric has spared no expense in making it comfortable. It is rumored that several Hutt's and even some planetary dignitaries have enjoyed the comforts of the room.

6.Crew Mess. Basically a cafetaria for Yarics employees. Due to the never ending cycle at Yarics, the cafeteria is always open and always occupied by as many as 30 personell at once.
Yaric has had a sitting area constructed in the very center and spends much of his time here when not in meetings or in the lower levels.

7.The Hidden Rock Restaurant. This is a luxury dining facility for Yaric's guests. At any time a guest can come here and enjoy delicious meals and elegant atmosphere. A team of culinary droids work tirelessly to provide the best dining experience on the base and, some would argue, in the entire system.

8.The Hidden Rock Kitchen.This is where all of the food is prepared for the guests at the Hidden Rock. A team of culinary droids are always on duty and the kitchen is always stocked with various foodstuffs. The "Special of the Day" generally depends on what exotic item can be found downstairs in the market.

9.Guest Rooms.While not as luxurious as the "Sweet Suite", these rooms are certainly nothing to sneeze at. Decorated with some of the more unique items Yaric has collected throughout his career, each room has a theme. One may be outfitted with art from Coruscant while another may display artifacts from the (former) planet of Alderaan.

10.These are additional guest rooms.

11.These are additional guest rooms.

12.Private Turbolift.This is a private turbolift Yaric had installed for his more "exclusive" guests. To actually get into the turbolift area,one must have a secured passcode (3 SECURITY ROLLs @ V.DIFF to BYPASS). The only individuals possessing this passcode are Yaric himself and his stand-ins. The turbolift runs directly down into Yarics VIP Market, where only the most precious and sought after items can be found. This market is by invitation only and traders must be accompanied by Yaric or his stand ins.The positioning of the turbolift also makes it possible for a VIP to enter Yarics and never have to actually go into the lower market.

13.The Guest Common. This area is strictly for the guests of Yaric's. A large holovid screen is on one wall, while small tables and sofas litter the rest of the area. The lights are kept low, so that any guests who have business can conduct it in privacy. Serving droids hover about keeping glasses filled and taking orders for snacks and appetizers. Mood music is always playing and deals are always being made between traders. For the elite, this is "the place" to be seen at Yarics.

Sections 6 & 7

1.Various crates are stacked back in this storage are. Mostly one would find foodstuffs or standard survival rations. In some of the crates are survival suits. Behind these crates some of the asteroid wall has deteriorated and broken down into rubble.

2.Here there are also crates but this is also where the life support unit is located. This in one of several, the other is in level 2.

3.This is the turbolift from the upper levels to the lower levels. The only area accessible form this lift is the storage area.

4. This is Yarics VIP market. One will find all manner of unusual and desirable items here. In this area one will find several top of the line airpseeders and landspeeders. Make and price vary.

5.This is Yarics table of goodies. All manner of trinkets and knicknacks can be found on these huge tables. Some items are pure eye candy while others are extremely valuable. The table is always monitored by several wookiees.

6.This is the turbolift from the upper level, the only way to get to and from Yarics VIP market. The other lift is one way only.

7.In this corner one will find 2 tie fighters Yarics has several bidders for. Rumor has it that these two were stolen from the Baron Fel's 181'st fighter unit. That claim has never been followed up on.

8.Here you will find various crates of weaponry and equipment...all for sale at various costs

9.Again, more crates. These hold several forgery kits and disguise kits. Yaric as of yet has no buyer for the price he is asking.

10.These crates hold various freeze dried animals in vicious poses.

11.This is the turbolift to the black market

12.This is the refresher.

Section 8

1.This is the main black market. Stretching throughout the asteroid for what seems like kilometers, the caverns and alcoves found here can take care of any need you may have. Due to the cavernous nature of the asteroid at this level, most being can go about their business in the deep alcoves, often away from the prying eyes of onlookers. In this alcove a family of Daveronians have set up shop selling various hard to find archaic weapons.

2.This a larger area with various merchants setting up booths. Anything can be found in these levels...including information.

3.Commons area.Many beings like to socialize in this area for some reason. Deals are made and items are bartered. Often many people come to Yarics just to barter for goods in the common area. This area is always packed, at all hours with a haze of tabbacc hanging overhead.

4. This is called "Spice Alley". Various merchants have set up shop and make available all kinds of spices and alcohols from all across the galaxy. Chances are if you've ever heard of it someone here either has it or can get it for you. Surprisingly the prices charged are quite reasonable..

5.Main trading area. Here you will find literally hundreds of booths and tables set up. It may be the galaxys largest flea market for illegal goods. Blasters, disruptors, storm commando armor, you can find all of it here if you look hard enough or ask the right people. It is a constant flood of activity, with neon artwork hanging overhead to attract beings to certain booths. Music blares from various sources and someone always has a better deal than the other guy..

6.Sin Den. This area caters to lonely spacers who have been away from home for too long. Rooms are set up haphazardly with beings of all kinds offering comfort and companionship-for a price. This is located in the very back and is almost a community unto itself.