Assassins gun down Imperial Advisor,
Rebels suspected

Coruscant, Imperial City: Imperial Advisor Nef' Tra'daz was gunned down outside of his luxurious Coruscant apartment today. Sources claim that it was a terrorist act carried out by members of a rebellion assassination squad. Bystanders claimed that as Advisor Tra'daz was exiting his apartment building for his morning stroll a long black speeder "carrying what looked like three or four" beings rounded a nerby corner and accelerated towards the Advisor.

Reports indicate that Tra'daz attempted to find cover behind a nerby speederbike but moved to slow, and was riddled with blaster bolts.

Readers will remember Tra'daz from an earlier report involving his push to re-structure the Imperial Defense Budget Oversight Comittee.


Scandal Rocks Festival of Life Shockball Playoff Game

Coruscant, Imperial City: Aging holovid star Asori Twilight shocked the crowd and the galaxy during the Festival of Life Shockball Playoff game between the Nal Hutta Hitmen and The Bespin Miners when, during a galactically televised pre-game show she tore away a bustier revealing her ample bosom.

“It was a dark day for sports and entertainment” Imperial Director of Sporting Entertainment Louz Holzz was quoted. A full investigation into the incident has been launched and possible charges of corruption may be brought against Twilight.

“Hey, accidents happen!” Twilight manager Spornal VII explained. “You try keeping four ample breasts covered while reading to a group of children!”