"Dante Justice" Holovid Premiere

Reported by K.Looq:
Adarlon, Belrand: This week sees the galactic premiere of the newest Jeq Farlane adventure holovid titled: "Dante Justice". Fans of Farlane will remember him bringing an icy edge to the character of Moff Zanzarr in last years epic "Tale of Two Empires".
A week long celebration is slated to be held, complete with Dante Justice holovid merchandise and entertainment. Spacers and Freelance captains in the Celanon sector can look forward to an increase in requests for transportation, as free passes to the first 150 showings of the holovid have been circulating for the past month.
Schedualed to make an appearance at the big premiere, in addition to it's star, is notable Tapani Noble Baron Del'Shaw, Imperial Advisor Nobrut Forlea, and musician Bizz Bal'dinn.


Toxic Contamination Evacuates
Upper Level of Spaceport

Celanon, Celanon City: This morning Celanon City Spaceport Officials were forced to shut down the upper level of the Spaceport due to a toxic spill. Reports indicate that in the early morning hours an unidentified freighter discharged several cargo containers filled with a noxious fluid. All were wired with a small explosive charge which, authorities speculate, was detonated as the freighter exited the docking bay.

"We have several leads as to who is responsible, and will track down the perpetrators who committed this heinous act," said Nadd Forestal of the Sector Rangers.
All merchants and traders are instructed to use the lower docking bays on the North, East and West sides of the spaceport until further notice.


Spice Scare Recalls
Grain Shipment

Reported by: Tgar
Celanon, Celanon City: The planetary government of Celanon issues a recall on all food grains received from their Co-ops over the last three weeks because it was discovered that hundreds of thousands of Kg of spice was shipped out mixed in with the grains.

Widespread fears of what kids doped out on spiced grain muffins.

Of course the Imperial Governor has no comment other to say that he feels the claims are highly suspicious.