A Weapons Enthusiasts
Dream Come True!

Posted by: DAK

Almar, Almar Upside: For those of you who are going to find yourself stuck in the Elrood Sector for any length of time, Do yourself a favor: If you need ANY of your weapons clean/fixed/overhauled you can't do better than to stop in to "Scary Hek's Weapon Emporium". In addition to providing some good old-fashioned conversation, Hek is a whiz when it comes to personal weaponry. Rumor even has it that the infamous bounty hunter Dengar stopped in once to have his rifle fitted with a new coil system!

And for you antique enthusiasts, Hek carries the largest selection of slugthrowers I've ever seen. Something worth checking out there!


Jobs available, good pay
Warm climate

Posted by: B.Zugga

Tatooine, Tosche Station: Word just got back to us from Tatooine. Seems your favorite criminal mastermind is doing some housecleaning. Thats right, Ole' Jabba is looking to bring some new blood into the fold. Some of you might remember the last time Jabba did this it was because he was recruiting for some of his other endeavors. Not this time though, our contact at Tosche Station has it on good authority that this new crop of employees will be working directly for the Hutt himself!
So if you are low on creds, head on out to Tatooine and contact Leefray at the "Snarling Dewback" Cantina.


Frieze Strikes

Posted by: DAK

Looks like that maniac Border Frieze is at it again folks! For those of you with “less than spotless” records I would suggest staying away from the Expanded Regions for a bit. Seems our psychopathic little friend took to murdering a freighter full of university students bound for Mrlsst.

“It was a brutal travesty and we are going to track down every lead and pull in every lowlife who might have a connection with this murdering poodo pile,” Sector Ranger Davin Cloud was quoted by a Mrlsst newsfeed.

So keep your nose clean and take the long way home partners, the ER is about to get very warm for quite a while.