Norda Skanlo Named Head of
Pandath Spaceport Security

Taanab, Pandath Spaceport: In a move seen as "questionable" by many, Pandath Spaceport officials this week named Norda Skanlo as head of Spacport Security. This comes as a shock to many who view Skanlo's "checkered" past as reason to disqualify him from holding such an important position.
As many are aware, Skanlo was at the center of controversy just over a year ago when several starfighters were stolen from the spaceport. Skanlo was in charge of heading up the investigation involving the theft and the case was closed with no parties being charged for the thefts. Rumors quickly sprung up that Skanlo was involved with a shipjacking operation and Taanab's underworld. More damaging rumors placed him as a member of the rebellion.
Skanlo was cleared of all charges however, when adequate evidence could not be found to support any wrongdoing.
Skanlo is a former member of the Defense Fleet and joined the Pandath Security Team at the recommendation of former Head of Security Bak' Lo Shev. Bak Lo Shev retired his position earlier this month due to failing health. "I'm thrilled to be a part of this team, and gurantee that Pandath Spaceport will be the most secure in this sector or any other," Skanlo said of his appointment.