Grand Imperial Hosts
Tapani Ballet Troupe

Reported by N.Tav:
Kaal: This week the Grand Imperial Resort and Casino will play host to the Ludoring Ballet. The Ludoring Ballet was established over two decades ago by Lord Ludoring of House Mecetti. This Tapani Troupe has been featured in several documentaries and has performed numerous times for Emporer Palpatine.
Most notable of the troupe are the Den'Fa' sisters, whose beauty and fluid grace keep audiences riveted throughout the performance.
Also of note is the unusual availability of tickets. Tourism officials assure us this is not due to the increased pirate activity in the sector.At last count 2 luxury liners and a handful of freighters had been attacked by the pirates in hit and run stylke operations. Kaal officials however assure us that there is no reason for concern and that local law enforcement has stepped up system security. This reporter isn't so sure however, and the thought of large beastly men armed with blasters makes me shiver.