Created by Tracy Hart

Name: Bizz Bal'dinn
species/gender: Bith male
Age: ?
Height: 1.7m
Weight: 180lbs

blaster 4d
dodge 4d+2
pick pocket 5d
thrown weapons 4d
Specialization:*knife: 6d
melee combat 5d

Kno: 4d
alien species 4d
cultures 5d
languages 5d+1
scholar 5d
Specialization:*music: 7d+2
streetwise 5d
business 5d+1

Mech: 4d
musical instrument ops 5d
Specialization:*Fizzz horn: 8d+1
repulsor ops 5d+1

Per: 3d
bargain 3d+2
con 6d
gambling 4d+2
investigation 5d+1
search 4d+1
sneak 5d
hide 6d
persuasion 4d

Str: 2d

musical instrument repair 4d+2
security 5d


hold-out blaster
3 poison-tipped knives: Knife:(Str+1d)-Poison:5d, then additional 2d vs STR roll for every 2 minutes until treated or death) ,
Fizzz horn


Bizz Bal'dinn is a great musician. Famous in fact. But he wasn't happy. Gig after gig. Venue after venue. He was bored. Even when up on stage in front of thousands of beings playing his horn, we was bored.
He was complaining to his agent, a human named Torad Salva, when Salva got a glint in his eye. It seems that Salva didn't book just musical acts, he also dabbles in intrigue for sale - assassinations, blackmail, etc., and asked if Bizz would be interested in taking a small job. All he would have to do is plant some incriminating evidence on some stuffy-collared noble at the next gig he was playing at a House in the Tapani Sector. Bizz was so excited. It gave him the mental stimulation he'd been craving.
Of course the job went off without a hitch. With his tactile dexterity, it was easy to slip the datachip in the noble's coat pocket early in the evening when he was being introduced to the host's guests before he played. Then, so fun to watch as the evidence was "discovered" on the noble's person. Bizz went back to his agent for more "jobs" and in time, Bizz became a very successful intrigue specialist.
The way Salva worked, he got "contracts" from people to take care of certain situations and it was up to Salva to decide how. The people setting up the contracts didn't even know who it was that was actually working for them, Salva kept that strictly secret. So Bizz got the added entertainment of watching the people to contracted his services try to guess who was working for them. They never even dream it's the entertainment up on stage in front of everyone.

In time these "jobs" included assassination. Bizz didn't mind killing a few tone-deaf, smelly cretins every once in a while. Especially those who didn't appreciate his music.