Artwork by Tracy Hart

Name: Bromudda
Type: Dug Smuggler
Age: 26
Alias: Brom-Brom
Quote: "Come fly the VIOLENT skies."

DEX: 4d+2
Melee Parry:5d
Melee Combat:6d!
Brawl Parry: 7d

KNW: 2d+1
Alien Speices:4d
Imperial Customs:6d+1

MECH: 3d
Repulsor Ops:5d+2
Space Transports:7d
Starship Gunnery:6d+2

PER: 3d

STR: 3d

TECH: 2d
Starfighter Repair:6d
Space Transports Repair: 6d+1
Starship Weapons Repair: 5d+2
Demolitions: 6d
Computer Programming:4d

"The Afterglow"-Heavily Modified YT-2400
(2)Heavy Blaster Pistols: 5d+1
(5) Cubes of Detonite: 5d
Credstick:3400 Credits
Flight Helmet: +2 vs Physical +1 vs Energy
Force Sensitive?: NO
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points:0
Charachter Points: 5
Capsule: As most Dugs go, Bromudda is unusually easy to get along with for those who know him. Dont let this fool you though, as he is a complete perfectionist and expects no less from his crew.

This owuld explain why Bromudda has had trouble keeping a crew. While not much is known about his past, what is known lends itself to much speculation.

As the story goes, Bromudda crewed on many ships when he was young, ultimately landing in with a group of pirates. He soon realized that the pirating of ships wasnt for him and when his opportunity came, jettisoned himself in an escape pod from a ship the pirates were in the process of taking.

The pod landed on a heavily forested planet, and the dug found he had to rely on his wits and cunning to survive in the harsh enviroment. The planet was sparsley populated, and rarely visited. Eventually Bromudda, after several months trek across the planets surface, found his way to the small settlement that served as the planets only city.

Months went by and eventually Bromudda made his way off planet and found himself in the employ of a hutt. He made a deal and bought himself "The Afterglow", a run down YT-2400. It is with this ship that he began running various goods for the hutt. Bromudda is a good smuggler with a lot of talent, but is known to be a little "odd" in some of his dealings. Rumor has it that on several occasions, when he feels unsure about a delivery, he will wire several cargo containers with explosives, just in case things go bad.

Physical Description
Bromudda is your typical dug. His skin is murky grey, almost black, and he favors a white flight helmet when he pilots. He wears two blaster pistols slung across his waist and has been known to draw down on the occasional thug. While he is not as violent as your typical dug, he is very standoffish and abrasive, cracking off-color jokes and making lewd comments to whoever is listening. But he sees this as done all in good fun, and expects others to do likewise.

GM Notes
Bromudda is ambidextrous, thus does not suffer any "off hand" penalty when using both blasters at the same time, either with his "hands" or "feet".
Due to Dug's strength, Bromudda gets a +1d to climbing or jumping rolls.