Name:Commander Etoch-21460
Type: FS Systems Security Droid, Commander Series
Quote: "Sentries four, five and six, notify me of any status change."

DEX: 3d

KNW: 3d
Alien Speices:5d
law enforcement:8d

MECH: 2d
Repulsor Ops:3d

PER: 3d Command:6d
Search: 4d

STR: 4d
TECH: 3d
Equipped with: Blaster :(4D+2)
Humanoid Body (Head, two arms, two legs, torso)
Reinforced Chasis:(+1d to STR) Grendel Corp. Sentry II Sensor array(+2d to SEARCH)
Internal Comm
Tranlang Communicator

Cost: 22,000 credits
Capsule: In an attempt to corner the market in security droids, Final Solutions Systems developed the Commander series. These droids were designed to interface with a variety of other security droids, and make splits second decisions when confusion or normal programming could not handle unusual situations.

Built of an unusually strong material, the commander droid's personality matrix was enhanced in such a way as to carry out his duties in a proffessional and very personable manner, making him ideal for wealthy clients who needed a droid that would not intimidate the wrong people at your next dinner party.