Davane Sunn & Seev Dakks

Name:Davane Sunn
Type: Fomer Imperial Trooper/Smuggler
Gender/Species: Male/Human
Height: 6ft 1in.
Weight: 185lbs

Dex: 3d+1
blaster 6d+2
Specialization:Blaster Rifle:7d+1
brawling parry 5d
dodge 6d+1
Melee Combat:5d+1
Melee Parry: 6d

Kno: 2d+1
alien species 5d+1
languages 3d+2
planetary systems 5d
streetwise 4d

Mech: 3d+2
astrogation 6d
repulsorlift ops 5d+1
space transports 5d+2
Specialization: *YT-2400 6d+1
starship gunnery 5d+2
starship shields 6d
sensors 6d+1
Capital Ship Shields:3d+1

Per: 3d
bargain 6d+1
con 5d
hide 5d+2
search 4d+2

Str: 3d
brawling 6d
stamina 7d
swimming 4d

Tech: 3d
first aid 5d
repulorlift repair 4d+2
space transports repair 4d+2
Blaster Repair:4d+1


Modified YT-2400: The Distant Sunn
Modified Blaster Rifle:6d
Hold Out Blaster:4d
Blast Vest: 1d vs Physical, +2 vs Energy
Vibroblade: Str+3d

Character Points:7

Name:Seev Dakks
Type: First Mate
Gender/Species: Male/Gran
Height: 5ft 8in.
Weight: 200lbs

Dex: 4d
blaster 5d
dodge 6d+1
grenade 5d+1
brawling parry 7d

Kno: 2d
alien species 4d
planetary systems 6d
streetwise 5d+2

Mech: 3d+2
astrogation 4d+2
communications 5d
sensors 5d+2
space transports 4d+2
starship gunnery 6d+1
shields 5d

Per: 3d+1
bargain 6d
gambling 4d+2
hide 5d
sneak 4d+1

Str: 3d
brawling 7d+1
stamina 4d

Tech: 3d
first aid 4d+1
security 5d
space transports repair 5d+2
Specialization: *YT-2400 7d+1


The Distant Sunn
Heavy Blaster Pistol:5d
Blaster Rifle:5d
Armor: 1d+1 vs physical/ 1d+2 vs Energy

Character Points:4
Gm Notes:

Special Abilities: Vision: Seev's unique combination of eyestalks gives him a larger spectrum of vision than other species. He can see well into the infrared range (no penalties in darkness or low light conditions), and gains a bonus of +1D to notice sudden movements.


Davane Sunn was on his way to being the perfect Imperial officer. Born on Courscant, he was enrolled into the Imperial Academy at the earliest age and advanced through the ranks, soon being promoted to shield operator on the Imperial Star Destroyer Resolve.
During his tour of service, he was unwavering in his loyalty to the Empire. However, during a leave of absence an attempt was made on his life. Davane shot his attacker, but not before learning that his commanding officer on the Resolve had contracted the hit. Davane knew that his commading officer was intimidated by Davane's ability, but also knew that the man had close ties in the empire, eliminating the possibility of revenge.

Going underground, Davane was able to take out a loan with a local crime lord and bought himself a beat up YT-2400. After making a few meager runs by himself , he realized he was in over his head. One night on Tatooine, while drowning his sorrows in a glass of lomin-ale , a fight erupted in the bar and Davane, while diving for cover, intercepted a blaster bolt that was meant for a drunken gran.
The gran grabbed the injured Davane by the collar and hauled him to safety in a rear alley. Davane instructed the gran as to where his ship was located and the gran took him there and worked at healing the smugglers injury. Davane recovered and learned the the gran, Seev Dakks, was recently fired from crewing on a YT-1300. Davane offered Seev a spot crewing on "The Distant Sunn" and the two have been smuggling spice ever since.