Name: Death Deliverance Droid--Automated Technologies
Type: Bounty Hunter

Quote: "Prepare for immediate termination."

Blaster: 7d
MIssle Weapons: 7d
Dodge 5d
Melee Combat: 6d
Melee Parry: 6d
Running : 5d

KNW: 1d

Repulsor Ops: 5d

PER: 3d
Search: 6d
Sneak: 6d Tracking: 6d

Brawling: 4d
Droid Programming/Repair: 4d
Demolitions: 4d
Armor Repair: 3d

Body Armor (+2d Energy and Physical)
Confederate Blaster Rifle (5d 5-30/100/300)
Vibroblade (Str.+2d)
VAC blade launcher (6d 1-25/75/125)
MFTAS (+2d to Per in lowlight, +2d to ranged weapons on targets moving more then 10 m. /round)
Motion Sensor (30m. radius)

History: Republic political solutions unit of the interior intelligence found a need for silent ends to political unrest on CIS Planets, to help bring about the end of the war. Dispatched rarely during the actual conflict; several thousand units were dispatched when the Intelligence director Isard received order 66. The droids were programmed to self destruct once verification of the Jedi's death was acquired, built around the same frame as magna guard these droids in mass were assumed to be enough to handle a Jedi that survived the clones attacks.

D3-AT8 was assigned to check on the presumed dead Obi-wan Kenobi, during it's transit an ion storm crossed the hyperspace lane between Coruscant and Utapau causing his hyperdrive to malfunction and strand it there for 30 years (apx 3 years after ROTJ) due to the magnetic and solar energies from hyperspace his programming has been corupted and now he thinks his mission is to kill every living thing on the planet he was originally sent to.