Name: Garrallach Tanoor
Type: Rouge Jedi
Age: Unknown
Alias: None
Quote: "It's so beautiful...and destructive."

DEX: 2d+2
Melee Combat: 9d(12d)
Specialization long sword: 11d+1
melee parry: 9d ( 12d)
Specialization long sword: 11d+1
missile weapons: 6d+2
acrobatics 5d+1: ( 10d+1)
Dodge: 6d+1
brawling parry: 5d
running 7d+2

KNW: 2d
survival: 4d
survival:desert 7d+2

MECH: 1d+2

ground veh. ops: 4d+2
beast riding: 6d

PER: 3d
Con: 5d
Search: 6d+1
(Intimidation 7d)

STR: 2d+2
Brawling: 5d
Stamina: 6d+2

TECH: 2d
First Aid:6d+2
missile weapon repair 5d+1

Control: 6d+
Sense: 6d+2
Alter: 7d

( GM note: Those items indicated with ( ) are skills when the Amulet has been activated. Force powers and skills are also only available when the Amulet has been activated.)

Force Skills:
Absorb/dissipate energy
Control Pain
Remain concious

Combat Sense
Receptive telepathy
Shift Sense
Post Cognition

Bolt of Hatred
Dark Side Web

Control & Alter:
Feed on Darkside
Force Lightening
Inflict pain
Electronic manipulation
Waves of Darkness
Control & Sense:

Control, Sense & Alter:
Affect Mind
Control Mind
Create Force Storms
Drain Life Essance
Telekinetic Kill
Drain Energy
Memory Wipe

Sense & Alter
Greater Force sheild
Force Wind


Lightsaber Color: Orange, Damage: 3d Responsiveness: 2d

Fastflesh Medpack
Satchel with various herbs/remedies:+2D to first aid
Gray/white Robes

Amulet of Ashree

Constructed of the stronget Sith Alchemy, this amulet conveys upon the weak and untrained tremendous power, but at a cost. In order to activate the amulet a blood sacrifice must be made by the wearer. Each time the amulet is activated, more and more blood is required. The wearer however, swept up in the power of the amulet, is unaware of the risks of this increasing cost. The more the wearer wants and seeks power, the more the amulet demands in blood payments.
For you see, not only does the amulet convey power, it uses power. Each blood payment increases the strength of the Amulet. And when the wearer is so weak and feeble from the repeated self inflicted wounds, the amulet finally absorbs the entire life essence of the target.
To keep the amulets true intentions from the wearer, the amulet will use memory wipe after each use or after the tasks at hand have been accomplished. All the individual knows is that everything they want they can have and that people are fearful and obedient, as long as they have the amulet to maintain their power.
GM Notes:
The character must be force sensitive, but untrained having 1d or less in each force skill. A self inflicted injury of "wounded" is required initially to activate the amulet. After seven such uses a result of "woundedx2" is required. With each seven uses the wound level increases to the next level until a result of Mortally Wounded is needed. Once this occurs the Amulet of Ashree will use the Drain Life Essence on the target before they expire.

Once the Amulet is activated it conveys power for 24 hours before another sacrifice is needed.

Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 4
Dark Side Points: 5
Character Points: 9

Garrallach is not evil. The amulet he wears is- the Amulet of Asharee. He found it in a cave out in the desert. As he wears it, he can use and manipulate the Force. But it has a Dr. Jeckel/Mr Hyde affect in that he cant remember what he has done. And to use the power of the Amulet there is a price. A blood tribute. Hence the constant festering wound in his abdomen.
The power of the amulet has merged with Garrallach's very soul. So that he believes that if he seperates from it, he will perish. He can feel its will. So there is a give and take. The amulet will allow him to do what he wants, IF he does what the Amulet wants.
Gallarach is a tested and trained swordsmen. He uses this ability when wielding the lightsaber. He uses a style called the Reverse Blade style. Where he basically holds the blade Upside down so that all his moves are basically backwards. Its a very offensive style. Difficult to defend against. But the style doesnt lend to a defensive posture. He always has to be on the offensive.