Name: Logan Jacer
Type: Blockade Runner
Age: 37
Alias: The Impreial Redeye
Quote: "Never trust a guy with two first names."

DEX: 3d+1
Brawl Parry: 7d

KNW: 3d
Alien Speices:7d
Law Enforcement:6d
Planetary Systems:8d+2

MECH: 3d+2
Repulsor Ops:6d+2
Space Transports:6d+2
Starship Gunnery:7d
Starship Sheilds:8d

PER: 3d

STR: 2d

TECH: 3d
Blaster Repair:6d
First Aid:5d
Cap Starship Weapon Repair:5d+2
Computer Programming:4d
Space Transports Repair:6d
Repulsorlift Repair:5d+1
Starfighter Repair:6d+2
Starfighter Weapons Repair:5d+2

"The Fat Womprat"-Modified Tanhausser Corp. Light Freighter
Modified Blast Vest: +1d+2 vs. Physical, +1d vs Energy
Heavy Blaster Pistol:5d+1
Headset Comlink
Money Belt (DIFF Search roll to detect)
25,000 credits
Force Sensitive?: NO
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points:1
Charachter Points: 10
Capsule: Logan Jacer's life is a mystery even to himself. Born on the planet Amuel' in the Seloric System, Logan, then known as "Gakker Nord" followed his fathers footsteps and became one of the most sought after Sector Rangers by the time he was 30.

Always tinkering with his family's speeders and taking an inerest in starfighter repair, Gakker had a wife and two kids and was admired and looked up to by his peers. When he was 31 his commanding officer requested he undertake a special undercover mission, that, while it would be dangerous, would ultimately lead to a promotion on his part.

Gakker went deep undercover in hopes to infiltrate a local spice cartel on a nearby planet. Unbeknownst to him, his cover was blown by a felon he had arrested a few years prior. Gakker was led to believe everything was on the level, until the crime lord had him imprisoned. Being a sadist and purely evil , the crime lord had one of his force sensitive "associates" go in and mentally scramble Gakkers mind.

The being that emerged after months of mental torture and anguish beared little resemblance to the straight arrow that used to patrol the sector. Leading him to believe that he was a blockade Runner named Logan Jacer, the crime lord reassigned him to his operations in another part of the galaxy. Eqipped with a run down YT-1930, Jacer was given minescule payloads and sent on suicide missions, running spice and illegal goods to locked down planets. Miraculously, he survived, and honed his abilites in the process.

It was during one such mission that Logan happened upon a man who booked passage off planet with him. The man, in repayment, informed Logan that his life was not what it appeared, and that his mind had been tampered with. Logan, always suspicious about the haze of memories that would occasionally resurface, took one last run for the crime lord. Stealing a cargo hold full of low grade spice and reselling it at a drastic profit, Logan ran to the far end of the galaxy, as far away as the limping YT-1930 could take him.

To this day he still is seeking the truth about his life, and always evading capture at the hands of numerous parties. He possesses what many refer to as the 1000 meter stare when he flies towards a blockade, his hands playing across the controls of the " Fat Womprat" almost on their own.

Physical Description:
Jacer is a man approaching middle age. He is still in decent shape, living off of small meals while he pilots. He has sandy brown hair that usually sits atop various headbands. Small tattos adorn the right side of his face, yet he cant remember what they are from.

Jacer often stares into space, as if his mind is elsewhere, especially when he is piloting. This unnerves many people, but those who fly with him on a regular basis realize that this is his "zone" and when he's in it, he's one of the best pilots around.

Jacer prefers to wear your typical spacers uniform, occasionally with a t shirt that displays dispariging remarks about any variety of people.