Name: Rikker Keeg
Type: Angry Mechanic
Age: 41
Alias: Rik
Quote: "No I dont know how much it will cost to fix, why dont you give me a minute to at least LOOK at the damage?"

DEX: 2d
Melee Parry:3d+2
Melee Combat:4d
Specialization: vibroblade 4d+2d
Brawl Parry: 6d

KNW: 3d
Alien Speices:5d
Business: 7d+2
Imperial Weapons Permits:7d+1
Value: 6d+1

MECH: 3d
Repulsor Ops:4d+2
Space Transports:4d+1
Speeder bike operation:3d+2

PER: 3d

STR: 3d

TECH: 4d
Blaster Repair:6d+1
Starfighter Repair: 7d+2
Space Trasports Repair:8d+2
Cap Ship Repair:6d+2
Cap Ship Weapon Repair: 6d
Starship Weapon Repair:7d+1
First Aid:5d
Computer Programming:5d
Repulorlift Repair:7d+2

Bright Green Coveralls
"Special Tool Belt": +1d to all REPAIR Rolls
Hold Out Blaster:4d

Force Sensitive?: NO
Force Points: 0
Dark Side Points:0
Charachter Points: 3
Capsule: Rikker Keeg is angry. The Empire taxes everything he makes (above the table) his wife left him for a Gambler from Nar shadda and his kids ran off and joined a Gammorrean swoop gang ( you should see THOSE guys try to operate a swoop!).So, the last thing he needs is to stay on some dumpy planet, listening to spacers tell the same stroies of "high adventure" and watch goofballs walk around in robes cutting his drinking buddies down

So he left planet. What planet? Dont really matter, does it? Anything a stones throw from the core is considered the armpit of the universe anyway, so, suffice to say he left, and now is out on his own!

And hes good, dont fool yourself. When spacers come to him, they know they are getting quality work for a fraction of what most other hacks are gonna charge, you can best your blaster on that. And dont even LOOK at the "Special Tool Belt". Compiled those tools from over a decade of fixing ships, yesiree, and only the ESSENTIAL tools are in it. So whats next for Rikker? Why find some nice little spot on some big time planet, maybe like Ord Mantell, and just start fixing stuff. For a price of course.

GM Notes:
Rikker Keeg is a NPC to throw at your players when they are in a very big hurry and need work done on their ship fast. He can haggle, gripe, and genereally give the players a VERY hard way to go. He wont necessarily do it for the credits either, Rikker just wants what he thinks he deserves...respect.

However, should ANYONE touch his tool-belt, he will fly into a "rikker-rage" lasting two rounds, boosting his strength by +2 pips and lowering all otehr skills by 2d until he calms down or is subdued.

Physcial Description
Rikker is a short stout man. He is burly, solid and not above poking his finger in someones chest and telling them to "Frag off". He has a halo of whispy red hair that almost floats above his head and thick bushy eyebrows and sideburns. He always wears his coverealls rolled up to expose his thick tattooed arms and is never seen not wearing his "special " toolbelt...ever.