Name: Sundar MacQuay
Type: Rogue Jedi
Age: 37
Alias: None
Quote: "Dont let the others fool you. There is a gray area."

DEX: 3d+2
Blaster: 7D
Lightsaber: 7d+2
Melee Combat: 6d
Dodge: 7d+2

KNW: 3d
Planetary Systems: 5d
Specialization:Ord Mantell:6d+1

MECH: 2d+1
Repulsor Ops:5d
Space Transports:4d+2
Starship Gunnery:3d+2

PER: 3d+1
Con: 5d
Search: 5d+2

STR: 3d+2
Brawling: 5d+2
Stamina: 6d

TECH: 2d
Blaster Repair:4d+1
Lightsaber Repair:6d
First Aid:3d+1
Armor Repair:4d

Control: 5d
Sense: 7d
Alter: 5d

Force Skills:
Absorb/dissipate energy
Accelerate Healing
Control Pain
Detoxify Poison
Control Disease
Reduce Injury
Remain Conscious

Combat Sense
Danger Sense
Life Detection
Life Sense
Magnify Senses
Predict Natural Disasters
Perceptive Telepathy
Weather Sense

Control & Alter:
Control Anothers Pain
Accelerate Anothers Healing
Detoxify Poison in Another
Control Anothers Disease

Control & Sense:
Lightsaber Combat

Control, Sense & Alter:

(2)Lightsabers: Damage: 3d Responsiveness: 2d
Heavy Blaster Pistol: 5d+2
Fastflesh Medpack
Satchel with various herbs/remedies:+2D to first aid
Gray/white Robes

Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 4
Dark Side Points: 1
Character Points: 9

Sundar Macquay was born and raised on Corellia. When he was a young child, he accompanied his father, a pilot, on a run to Ord Mantell. There, his father was killed when he was mistaken for a local criminal, and the young child fled into the back alleys of the city.
After living off of discarded food scraps for a few days, the young boy met a middle aged man, clad in tattered rags and scraping mold from the side of a building. The old man asked the boy if he would like something to eat and Macquay followed the old man to a hovel he kept on the far edge of the city.

The mans name was Torbin Glaff, and, as Macquay had been traumatized by the site of his father being gunned down, Torbin had no way of knowing Macquays story,and took the child in.
Years passed and Torbin taught Macquay the way of the force. Torbin was a local shaman/medicine man. While the salves and ointments he created did aid in the healing process, it was his mastery over the force that did the most good. Along with these lessons, he taught the young Macquay how to defend himself, should the evil Emporer ever send someone to take him away.

Years rolled past and Macquay grew into a young man. Torbin was proud of the youngster, who rarely spoke and the two shared a bond much like Macquay had with his father. The men supported themselves by attending to the wounds and injuries of the locals who could not afford conventional care, often with much success.
It was late one evening and Macquay had just settled into his cot. He was nearly asleep when he heard commotion outside. As he sprung to his feet, he raced to the door to see Torbin battling a black clad figure, lightsabers clashing against each other.
Macquay grabbed the two lightsabers he had been training with but by the time he reached the door, two more men had entered the outer hall. The men proclaimed themselves to be jedi and demanded the dark one put down his weapon. Instead, the dark jedi used the opportunity to cut down Torbin and turned on the two others. As Macquay raced out, lightsbaers activated, the two "jedi" split up, and while one attacked the dark lord the other closed with Macqauy. Macquay, full of rage at seeing his master go down, initially struck out, but the jedi easily parried his attack. Realizing the jedi was not his enemy, Macquay backed off but the jedi pressed the attack, bringing his saber up and letting the glowing blade sear a small cut along Macquay's chest. Macquay dropped to the ground and scrambled for the door as the jedi turned his fight towards the dark lord.

Once in the city, Macquay came to find out that the jedi and the dark lord had converged on his masters home to retreive a healing amulet that had been thought lost during the clone wars. Macquay had seen it a few times, but Torbin had mostly kept it hidden.
Blaming the force users for his masters death, Macquay left the planet and travelled from sector to sector, offering his services as a healer, but remainging weary of all force users he came in contact with. He has no trust of jedi or sith, instead sticking to his own codes and morals, taught to him by his now dead father and master.
When word of the Krytos virus reached him he was en route to the core worlds. He arrived on Coruscant and immediately made his way into Invisec where he made his way from one infected alien to the next, healing those that he could and conforting those he could not.