Name:Rapier D-2
Type: Modified FS Systems Security Droid, Rapier Series
Quote: "Target aquired. Target eliminated."

DEX: 3d

KNW: 3d
Alien Speices:5d
law enforcement:8d

MECH: 2d
Repulsor Ops:3d

PER: 3d Command:6d

STR: 4d
TECH: 3d
Equipped with: Blaster (4D+2)
Reinforced Chasis: (+1d+1 to STR)
Humanoid Body (Head, two arms two legs, torso)
Auditory Sensors (human range)
Internal Comm

Cost: Not For Sale
Capsule: When FSS was gathering popular opinion and really beginging to cement itself as the leader in security droids personell, an accident occured and the company took a huge public relations hit. A disgrunteled employee, who was about to be let go, downloaded a virus into several Rapier class security droids that were to be shipped into the outer rim. By the time FSS realized what had happened,several of the bots had been activated and many deaths had occured.

FSS dispatched a security force to the sector and managed to wipe out all but a few of the renegade droids. The programming virus installed eliminated all violence inhibitors in the droids and established a protocol that allows it to track down and kill any sentient or droid.

Its primary drive is revenge, and it chooses as its targets any and all FSS droids it comes in contact with( with the exception of other Rapier Series droids). Current reports indicate that there are 3 Rapier Series droids working together in the outer rim territories.