Type: FS Systems Personal Security Droid, Deathskull Series
Quote: "Stay down and dont move unless I tell you."

Missle Weapons:5d

Alien Speices:5d
law enforcement:8d

MECH: 2d
Repulsor Ops:3d

PER: 1D+2

TECH: 3d
Equipped with:
Humanoid Body(Two arms, Two legs, head, torso)
-Reinforced body armor(+2d+1 to resist damage)
-Internal Shield Generator(+3d VS energy attacks)
-Built in Blaster rifle(5d+2 damage)
-Built in Ionization rifle: 5d+1 damage
-Internal Integral line slinger
-Internal Comm
-Targeting Aquisition System ( can track up to Ten targets at one time, asess threat level and select from a database of over two thousand threat scenarios +3d to Search rolls, +2d to hit)
-FSS Patented "Neutralization" System. This is a small device implanted into the processsing unit of the droid. When activated(by a remote wristband) it detonates a microscopic charge that is only damaging enough to eliminate the processor and shut down the droid. This prevents the possibility of the droid being stolen and used against the owner.(Range: 2km, Damage: 2d)
Size: 2 Meters

Cost: 27,000 credits
Personality Matrix:Complex
Capsule: The first in a long line of bodyguard droids, R-Bital is efficient and fearless. FSS went above and beyond the call of duty when programming this droids personality matrix. By combining the reactions and skills of several hardened security personnel and a retired royal guard, R-Bital is the most proffessional and effective in the Deathskull series.

This unit is in such high demand there is a backorder of 6 standard months for a unit. Used models are very rare and often sell at a higher price, given the droids ability to integrate its experience into its learning matrix