Name: Shopak Yezz
Type: Martial Arts Master/Jedi Historian
Age: 58
Alias: None
Quote: Calm your mind, and feel a new universe open itself to you.

DEX: 4d
Brawling Parry:5d
Melee Combat:7d+1
Melee Parry:6d
Brawling Parry:6d+2

KNW: 4d
Alien Speices:5d
Scholar: Specialization: Jedi Lore: 9d+1

MECH: 2d
Beast Riding:7d+1
Space Transports:5d+2
Repulsorlift operation:6d

PER: 2d

STR: 3d
Specialization:Martial Arts:10d Climbing/Jumping:7d

TECH: 3d
First Aid:5d
Repulsor ops Repair:4d
Computer Programming:4d+1
Lightsaber/Lightfoil Repair:5d+2
Droid Repair:6d+1

Lightfoil: 3d+2
(2)Vibroblade (str+3d)
Bo-Staff: str+1d+2
Datapad w/ various datachips on Jedi Lore
3,023 credits

Force Sensitive?: No
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points:0
Character Points: 6
Capsule: Shopak Yezz was born in a monestary on a small, very forgettable outer rim world. His mother died while giving birth, and the monks who raised him could tell him little about his family, other than his father was a corellian who served during the clone wars.

His young life was filled with training and studying. As a matter of fact, he never saw the outside of the monestary until he was twelve, although he had been schooled in the ways of the universe for years.

His training consisted mainly of self defense and the ways of the jedi. Before he was set out on his own, he had to prove proficient with a lightfoil and be able to handle himself with tha aid of nothing but his bare hands.

Eventually he grew into a young adult and was released into the universe to teach the ways of tolerance and honor, as the jedi did. He has met much opposition along the way, but takes great pride and satisfaction in knowing that he has changed many lives for the better.

He does not approve of the empire, but realizes that history repeats itself, and the day will come when it will fall, like so many other governments before it.

Physical Description: Shopak generally dresses much like a jedi. For those who dont know any better, given his prowess, knowledge and the fact that he carries a lightfoil, he COULD be a jedi. He has piercing light green eyes and reddish-brown hair pulled back in a ponytail. His face is covered by a beard he keeps neatly trimmed that sits under a nose that has been broken too mahy times to count.

GM Notes:
Shopak has the following MARTIAL ARTS skills:
Punch: (str+1d)
Kick: (str+2d)
Weapon Block
Instant Wound
Instant Stun
Power Block