Artwork by Tracy Hart

Uut Hkup
Havoq, Bip & Bop

Name: Uut Hkup
Type: droid mechanic
Gender/Species: male/Jawa
Ht: 3ft.2in.
Weight: 52lbs
Dex: 2d

blaster 4d
dodge 5d
melee combat 3d
pick pocket 5d
thrown weapons 6d
Kno: 1d

languages 3d
survival 3d
*desert: 6d
value 5d
Mech: 3d

beast riding 4d
ground vehicle ops 5d
Per: 2d

bargain 5d
*droids: 7d
con 6d
gambling 5d
hide 4d
sneak 4d
Str: 1d

Tech: 3d

blaster repair 5d
computer programming/repair 4d
droid programming 6d
droid repair 6d
*astromech repair: 9d
ground vehicle repair 5d

hold-out blaster:3d+2
droid repair kit (adds 2d to droid repair)

Uut grew up on Tatooine. Unlike the rest if his clanmates, Uut looked up at the stars at night and wondered what it would be like to travel among them. He served his clan well helping to keep their immense sandcrawler operational and fixing the droids they picked up in the desert to sell to the moisture farmers.
One day on their way back from a trading trip to Mos Eisley, the clan's sandcrawler was attacked by pirates. They had blasters and heavy weapons and managed to penetrate the sandcrawler and starting looting and killing Uut's clanmates. During the attack, Uut was knocked unconscious by a tool box that had fallen off a shelf as the crawler was being rocked by heavy weapons fire, and the pirates thought him dead.
When Uut came to, he was the only one left alive. Out in the desert, Uut had a decision to make. Try to cross the desert to get back home to his clan's fortress or go back to Mos Eisley. The fortress was far away and he thought his chances of actually making it there were slim to none. Mos Eisley was only a day or two away. He gathered up the tool box that had hit him on the head and set out for the spaceport.

When he reached town, he wandered around taking in the sights. He overheard a human female arguing with a shopkeeper about the price of fixing her astromech droid. The droid was sputtering and wheezing, but it didn't sound too serious. He tugged on the human's coat and said that he would fix the droid in exchange for passage on her ship to wherever she was going. The human looked skeptical, but allowed Uut to work on the droid.
Uut had the problem fixed in just a few minutes. The human, who's name was Polana, seemed very pleased with Uut and very angry indeed with the shopkeeper who apparently had proclaimed the droid needed extensive and expensive work. She took the Jawa back to her ship. After they got on board though, she said said that Uut would have to take a bath, saying he smelled and wanted to burn his brown robes. He didn't know what she was talking about, but he wanted to see the stars so he complied and took his bath. The woman had left some fabric and he locked himself into his room until he had fashioned them into a new robe. It didn't have the wonderful aroma of his old clothes, but it was have to do.
Time passed and Uut made his way across the galaxy. Going from ship to ship, making a living repairing droids. He did have trouble with humans and other big people bullying him around, so he decided to make himself a protector. He took the chassis of a explorer droid and spent weeks modifying it until he had his new bodyguard, Havoq. With Havoq looming next to him, the big people seemed much more friendly when they dealt with him. Uut also purchased two pit droids to assist him, Bip and Bop. When he needed to travel quickly, Uut would pack up Bip and Bop and use Havoq as a mount. He even had straps that came from his belt that he could attach to rings on Havoq's back so he wouldn't fall off of Havoq when he ran. He's out there, a tinker traveling the spaceways, seeing more sights and making more credits than he knew he never would have on Tatooine.

Model:modified explorer droid

Dex: 4d

blaster 7d
dodge 6d
Kno: 1d


Per: 3d

search 4d
Str: 4d

brawling 7d
Tech: 1d

Personality matrix: elementary

Equipped with:

heavy grasping jaw
visual and auditory sensors in the human range
circular saw hidden in compartment in center of chest
2 sensor-resistant blasters (4d) in hidden compartments at shoulders (both blasters must fire at same target)
armor plating (str+2d)

Uut modified Havoq to be his protector, so he removed the life preservation program but Havoq is still programmed for absolute loyalty and obedience.

Name: Bip
Model: Pit Droid
Dex: 2d+1

Kno: 1d+1

Mech: 1d+2

Per: 1d

search 3d
Str: 1d

lifting 3d
Tech: 3d

repulsorlift repair 5d
starship repair 4d
space transports repair 5d
droid repair: 4d

Model: Pit Droid
Dex: 2d+1

Kno: 1d+1

Mech: 1d+2

Per: 1d

search 3d
Str: 1d

lifting 3d
Tech: 3d

blaster repair 5d
armor repair 5d
space transport repair 4d
starship repair 4d

Created by Tracy Hart. Artwork by Tracy Hart.