Name: Zal Araf Th'Trar
Type: Coynite Warrior
Age: 24
Alias: None
Quote: "A good warrior is one who dies with honor in battle"

Zal Araf Th'Trar
Dex: 4d Knw: 2d+2 Mech: 2d Per: 4d+1 Str: 5d Tech: 1d
blaster: 5D Survival: 5d Beast Riding: 6d Command: 5d+1 Brawling: 7d+1 First Aid: 4d
brawling parry: 6d+1 Alien Species: Specialization: Humans: 4d   Search: 6d+2 Specialization: Martial Arts: 6d Security: 4d
Dodge: 5d Cultures: 7d   Persuasion: 6d+2    
Melee Combat: 9d Intimidation: 6d+2        
Melee Parry: 9d Willpower: 5d+2        
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: Yes
Force Points: 1
Dark Side Points: 0
Character Points: 6

+1d to all sneak rolls.
Claws: str+1d+2, +1d to brawling. +1d to Intimidation.
Zal Araf Th'trar has the following Martial arts skills:
weapon block

Sat'skar: (str+3d+1)
D'skar: (str+1d+1)
Battle Armor: +2d Physical, +2d Energy, -1d to all DEX skills
2 Energy Cells
Blaster Pistol:(4d) 1-3/12/25
Imperial Mercenary License
1,465 credits