Name: Cylon
Type: J-9 Worker Drone

Quote: "Thank you for chosing Jaded Ivory Enterprisezzzz, how may I be of service?"

DEX: 2d

KNW: 4d
Alien Species: 5d+1
Bureaucracy: 5d+2
Languages: 4d+1
Business: 6d

MECH: 1d

PER: 3d Bargain: 4d+2
Sneak: 4d

STR: 1d

TECH: 1d Security: 5d+1

Equipped with::

Two photorecptors, video sensors (verpine range)
Bipedal Locomotion
Olifactory Sensor(+1d to odor based SEARCH rolls)
Torplex Microwave Sensor:(+1d to security)
Arjan Vocabulator
Tranlang II communication module(+2d to LANGUAGES)
Move: 10

Personality Matrix: Simple