Name: Jay, Eye and Eve
Type: Hatchling Maintenance Droid

Quote: "........."

DEX: 2d
Blaster: 5d
Blaster: welding tools: 7d
Dodge: 4d

KNW: 1d

MECH: 1d

PER: 2d Search: 4d

STR: 4d

TECH: 1d
Space Transports Repair: 5d
Starship Weapons Repair: 5d

Equipped with::

Repulsorlift/thruster package:( allows movement in atmosphere and space)
Six arms
Welding Laser: 8d damage (.3 range)
Various Repair Appendages
Broadband Transmitter
Repair Database: (+1d to all spacecraft repair rolls)

Move: 6(atmosphere) 15 (space)

Personality Matrix: Simple