Name: TwoEE
Type: R2E-D3 Astromech Droid

Quote: "dwoooooit!"

DEX: 1d

KNW: 1d
Planetary Systems:8d

MECH: 2d
Astrogation: 8d
Space Transports: 8d+1

PER: 1d

STR: 1d

TECH: 2d
Computer Programming/Repair: 4d
Repulsor Repair: 6d
Space Transports Repair: 8d

Equipped with::

Three wheeled legs (one retractable)
Retractable Heavy Grasper Arm ( +2d to lifting)
Retractable fine work grasper arm
Extendable .3m long video sensor
Small electric arc welder:( 1d-5d damage)
Small Circular Saw: (4d damage)
Video Display Screen
Holographic Projector/ recorder
Fire Extinguisher
Acoustic Signaler
Small internal Cargo Area
Additional tools
Cargo Wench
Internal Comlink
Move: 5

Personality Matrix: Elementary

GM Notes: R2E-D3 is black with white detailing around the body and 3 white stripes on his dome. 2-E has become the pilot of the Skullduggery; with superior programming & skill he has pulled the team from the fire on several occasions.