Name: Akelish the Hutt
Type: Hutt Crime Lord
Age: ?
Alias:  None
Quote: "Bah nabba to wonkee lodu fanna* (* In Huttese: Fail me again and we are going to see what you are made of-literally.)"

Akelish the Hutt
Dex: 1d Knw: 5d Mech: 2d Per: 5d Str: 2d Tech: 3d
Blaster: 3d Alien Species: 6d Repulsorlift Ops: Hutt Floater: 4d Command: 8d   Computer/Programming Repair: 6d
  Intimidation: 5d+2   Specialization: Akelish Organization: 7d+1   Security: 7d+2
  Bureaucracy: 6d+1   Search    
  Business:   Con: 8d+2    
  Specialization:Smugglers: 8d   Persuasion: 7d+2    
  Cultures: 6d+1   Bargain: 7d+2    
  Specialization:Durga's Organization: 8d        
  Value: 9d+1        
GM Notes
Force Sensitive: No
Force Points: 2
Dark Side Points: 4
Character Points:18

Akelish is always accompanied by an ancient 3PO Protocol droid and 12 armed Gammoreans.